The ScarabRV Project: Lean, Green, Camping Machine

 Rolling in a little over 300 pounds, the ScarabRV is the green camper’s ideal counterpart to the ecologically-friendly car. Featuring a low center of gravity and attractive aerodynamic contours, the ScarabRV is light enough and safe enough to be towed by a cruising motorcycle or virtually any vehicle that accepts a tow hitch. It’s the perfect companion for the traveler who hits the road without a destination in mind. The ScarabRV provides immediate shelter, plenty of enclosed storage and the freedom of being unencumbered by a boxy, heavy, and unstable travel trailer. The ScarabRV allows the spontaneous traveler the freedom to adventure, anytime and anywhere.

 In the spirit of streamlining, the ScarabRV was designed to offer maximum convenience in a sleek compact package. Much like the Ancient Egyptian Scarab beetle, the ScarabRV opens its ‘wings’ with the touch of a remote, prompting an aesthetically pleasing tent to quickly inflate and provide water-proof and wind-resistant shelter in about a minute. The 22 cubic feet of storage space can be used to store travel necessities, including an air mattress.  The ScarabRV’s on-board air pump can easily be used to inflate a queen (or smaller) air mattress for ultimate outdoor comfort.

 The ScarabRV has traveled Washington to New Mexico and SoCal to South Dakota. Tried and tested, its endured wind, rain, sleet, thousands of dependable miles and many nights, making friends at every destination. For those who are out there to ride, there is no better convenience than that of the ScarabRV. With a simple set-up and equally simple take-down the traveler is left with more time to do what is truly most important…ADVENTURE.

ScarabRV welcomes you to tune in to our developments and refinements as we near the production phase of this incredible lightweight offering in recreational vehicle adaptability.

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