Saxon: An Animated Miniseries
Saxon: An Animated Miniseries

This project has already launched.

Saxon is an animated miniseries created by filmmaker and animator Kiernan Sjursen-Lien following Saxon, an agender teenage dropout and ne'er-do-well and snarky cat Bartholomew as they try to solve the mysterious death of a local teenager. 

The series will consist of 6 episodes (including episode 1 above) at about 2-3 minutes each. It will air on YouTube and Vimeo in late 2017 if backed. Each episode will be fully animated and created by Kiernan Sjursen-Lien, with hired voice talent and sound design/music. 

My name is Kiernan Sjursen-Lien, I'm an agender animation artist living in the LA area, who graduated from CalArts with a BFA in Character Animation. 

My short films, including On The Run, The Magnificent Menagerie of Melvin McMelanie, and The Ballad of Possum's Broom have been shown in animation and film festivals worldwide. In addition, I have been working in the animation and comics industries for several years, working with studios including Disney Television Animation, Nickelodeon, and Boom comics as a writer and artist on the Over the Garden Wall comic series. I also successfully funded another project right here on Kickstarter, A Gay Ol Time, an anthology of LGBT+ 19th century Americans.



Most of the money will go to producing the animation itself, at the very bare minimum of what is needed to complete the project. Other costs associated will be to pay the wonderful voice actors, sound designers, and musicians involved with the project. Finally, some money will go to backer rewards (such as pins) and of course Kickstarter's own associated fees. 



Thank you for considering to back the Saxon miniseries, and I hope to be able to share the rest with you in late 2017 if backed! Have a wonderful day!


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