We Can Save Billions of Bees by Banishing Beetles
We Can Save Billions of Bees by Banishing Beetles

The Beetle Banisher

is coming very soon on Indiegogo!

Every year billions of honeybees, are lost due to Small Hive Beetles. These beetles love the honey and pollen in beehives. Once inside the hive they lay eggs on and near the bee brood (unborn baby bees). The eggs hatch and the larva feed on the babies, pollen and honey. As they devour the babies the bee population declines and the beetle population explodes. The tide of the battle for control of the hive can quickly shift in favor of the beetles and they can swiftly decimate the hive.

Efforts to keep the beetles under control significantly increases the workload on both the beekeeper and the bees. Up till now a diligent beekeeper, with a consistent input of time and money, could at best keep the beetle population at a level the bees could normally contend with. That scenario is about to change. The Beetle Banisher is poised to revolutionize SHB control.

Bees and beetles hate light in the hive, but bees see red as black. The red light filtering through the Beetle Banisher goes unnoticed by the bees but it drives the beetles from the hive. A Beetle Banisher, with adequate sunlight, can rid a 3 deep hive of Small Hive Beetles in less than two weeks.

Whatch us cover the high points on the Ozarks Live Show

The Beetle Banisher installs in seconds, protects for years and requires zero maintenance. As Ron Popeil would say, "You just set it and forget it". Bees and beekeepers are free to pursue more productive endeavors. 

  • Dan Novak, Master Beekeeper: “I must admit I was skeptical at first as everyone seems to have the absolute answer with their theories and gimmicks. Bottom line…..I’m impressed. I think this is really a step in the right direction for a minimally invasive, chemical free process for eliminating Small Hive Beetle presence in the hive.”
  • Grant Gillard, past president Missouri State Beekeepers Assn. and noted author of several books on beekeeping. “I'm impressed with the effectiveness of the Beetle Banisher.  It does a remarkable job of driving out the Small Hive Beetles without disrupting the normal activities of the hive.”

It's important for us to keep developing, restoring and preserving bee habitat. But the reality is, a million acres of perfect bee habitat are of no value to a bee colony wiped out by Small Hive Beetles. Protecting the lives of billions of honeybees has never been more important and couldn’t be easier than with a Beetle Banisher. Never has such a small investment been able to go so far in securing the future of so many bees, and subsequently the future of our food supply.

If you’re a beekeeper who’s tired of battling these beetles, breath easy, victory is close at hand.

Not a beekeeper, but want to help save the lives of millions of bees? Your support will enable us to provide Beetle Banishers to 501 c3 bee club members to help protect their bees.

There simply is no safer, easier more effective way to prevent Small Hive Beetle damage to our hives. 

The Beetle Banisher is on its way soon, so don’t miss out on news and updates. Be among the first to have Beetle Banishers on your hives.

Unfortunately Small Hive Beetles are here to stay, but with Beetle Banishers they won't be staying in our hives.

With a little ingenuity and teamwork we can rebuild the bee population. 

Thank you very much! We truly do appreciate your interest.

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