Save the Bees for Wooden Pens--Adopt a Hive!
Save the Bees for Wooden Pens--Adopt a Hive!

This project has already launched.

It's no secret that honeybees are in trouble. One of the ways we support them is with small beekeepers who tend their hives with a focus on the benefit of the bees. They work to keep their bees healthy, and are the main source for education for communities who are still afraid of bees. 

For these small beekeepers, most with only a couple of hives, beekeeping is not a business, but more of an endlessly expensive hobby. When winter die-offs or diseases strike, these small beekeepers aren't always able to replace the colony the next spring. 

The sight of empty hive boxes, once so busy and alive, is a heartbreaking symbol of the plight of the honeybee.

This campaign is intended to replace colonies small beekeepers lost in the last year. We know some who lost all their hives over the winter, and who will not be able to replace them without help. 

We hear every year about beekeepers who give up on beekeeping because they cannot afford to replace what they have lost. 

To support them, we have two different types of rewards: 

The first is supporting the bees themselves, directly. You can choose to name a queen for an existing colony, adopt an existing hive, or sponsor the start of a new hive. Depending on what you choose, you will be able to name a queen bee, receive pictures of your adopted hive, and even receive honey from that hive--depending on its success!

The second option is to receive a hand-crafted wooden pen or other item as a reward. These pens have been sent all over the world, from Australia, Taiwan, and Malaysia to Denmark and Iceland. 

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