Save Black Earth Meats!
Save Black Earth Meats!

On July 18, 2014, after 7 years of running a sucessful business in Black Earth, WI, our bank was unable to renew our note as a result of the Village of Black Earth Board’s ongoing actions against the business as a “public nuisance.” As of today, Black Earth Meats has conducted its last slaughter. By the end of July we will no longer be open for business. We will instead be mired in litigation against the Village of Black Earth.

The closing of a local slaughterhouse and butcher shop with both it's USDA Organic certification and its status as an Animal Welfare Approved business affects the livlihoods of hundreds of Wisconsin and Driftless Area farmers. It affects the community of Black Earth and its reputation. It affects over one hundred restaurants, retailers, and farmers market purveyors. It affects all of our employees. It affects the thousands of customers who rely on us for healthfully and humanely raised meat. And it affects the development of a local food infrastructure and small scale processing. 

Fortunately, our farmer partners and other local community-minded investors are ready to rebuild Black Earth Meats and The Conscious Carnivore brands. But to accomplish this, they need your help. The bank is requiring us to sell off all of our processing equipment. If we cannot use community funds to purchase the equipment from Black Earth Meats to transfer it to Black Earth Meats 2.0, the new company will not be able to survive and the business model we have formed and proven out will not have the chance to duplicate and change the way that communities grow and distribute food.  

So this project really boils down to a simple question: Will you help us buy our own equipment from the bank so we can rebuild the local meat system?

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