Sati Tala - A mindful dining surface
Sati Tala - A mindful dining surface

This project has already launched.

About Sati Tala - After researching the connection between mindfulness and design, we found that by modifying the design and changing the way we use an object, we can create a mindful experience. To achieve this we need the object to engage our focus on using it.

"SATI TALA" - means “a mindfulness surface” in the ancient Pali language. It's an eating surface for two, designed to enhance intimacy, awareness and focus while eating. The eating surface rests on your laps and physically connects you to each other. This leads you to an experience of attention and presence with your partner.

The Design - has a flowing, simple and minimalistic form and feeling - all this in order to help reduce distractions and enhance the focused experience.

The Materials - We chose birch plywood because of its natural look and high quality. It's strong, durable and elegant. On the top of the stools and the bottom of the surface are sunken magnets that connect the pillows. Using the magnets we achieve a strong connection between the wood and pillows. This makes the use comfortable, and enables the pillows to be detachable, making washing and storing easy and quick.

The Technology - The stools are bent in a unique bending process called Lamination - in this technique thin layers of birch wood and glue are inserted into a high strong mold. Pressure is applied by hydraulic machines that shape the plywood into its final form. 

The wood is left to fully dry inside the mold for 24 hours. This technique creates a very strong and solid structure. There are no weakness points - the wood comes out in a complete, whole body figure maximizing the woods natural firmness and durability.

User Experience video - 

We are now live on Kickstarter!!! Pledge and help us bring Sati Tala to life!

Sati Tala on Kickstarter


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