This project has already launched.

Short Summary

We from S.A.S.S. Cup started off as a couple of students joining a excellence program from school. We were faced with the problem that elderly people drink to little. After doing a lot of research, we came to the decision that we would focus on elderly people in general, especially those suffering from Parkinson disease, or chronic muscle diseases.  

We've thought of a revolutionary way to stop the spilling of the contents. The Smart Anti Spill System (S.A.S.S.) is not visible from the outside, but definitely noticeable when shaking. After a lot of printing and testing, we think we came to the best design. 

What We Need & What You Get

We need €25.000 to develop and improve our product. At the moment we have a few 3D-printed prototypes that work as wanted. We need money to invest in research on materials and ergonomics. We also need money to make the production of our product possible.


The Impact

You can support us in making this concept into a real product!

If you donate you will contribute to the happiness of people with Parkinson and every elderly in need of a cup of the sorts. 

You might think: "Why should we fund your product and not choose an existing product instead?" Good question. This cup is not like every other cup. The Sass-cup looks like a normal cup, unlike a sippy cup for children. Our cup is specially designed to withstand extreme circumstances, such as trembling, excessive shaking and even if it does hit the ground, it will not shatter to pieces because of the well-chosen materials we use in our product. 

Risks & Challenges

The risk of funding our product is that we do not have some big investor and that we are dependent on a small group of people supporting our idea, hence why we cannot produce the cup in great numbers. At which point we are forced  to stop in our tracks and shut down our company. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are somehow prevented to contribute or are hindered for some other reason, you can always share our Indiegogo link on your Facebook. Spread the word!

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