Saplai Premium Footwear - Fully Customizable Fashion
Saplai Premium Footwear - Fully Customizable Fashion

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Saplais are the traditional footwear of Pakistan, known for their distinctive handmade quality, style, and comfort. Saplais are offered in a wide variety of material, color, and sole choices making them versatile, go-anywhere shoes. Our team aims to bring international attention to this special genre of footwear, and new streams of revenue to the Pakistani artisans that make them.










Our campaign offers backers full product customization at no additional cost. Using our online Saplai customization tool, you can choose between 4 premium materials, 20 beautiful colors, and a variety of shoe / sole styles.

“With over 250 variations you are guaranteed to find a pair of Saplais that will match your style.”


“Try our customization tool and build your personalized Saplai.”

We understand the importance of individuality at Saplai, which is why we have built the Saplai web customization tool. It is a simple digital interface to help you choose the perfect look to match your style and occasion. Saplais successfully wear many hats, serving as elegant dress shoes and breathable outdoor footwear.

**Note to backers: At the end of the campaign we will send out a survey to find your size style and color. The customization tool will not be available until the campaign has ended. **








Quality and comfort is our highest priority at Saplai, this is guaranteed by our team of highly skilled artisans. Each artisan we hire has at least 15 years of experience and, in many cases, has learned the trade generationally from their forefathers. Our artisans use only the finest quality materials, ensuring a long product lifespan.

Our team has worked hard to secure the finest Pakistani artisans to create Saplais. Each artisan works from a lifetime of experience guaranteeing exceptional reliability and quality for each piece of footwear.

We aim to employ a large team of artisans, and your contribution will make this possible. Supporting our campaign will help bring new streams of revenue to Pakistani artisans and bring international attention to this special brand of shoes. Each of our artisans is paid 30% of every pledge you make on Kickstarter. 



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*Sizes will be taken from backers after the campaign ends in our survey. Saplais can be manufactured in any custom size.

**Narrow Fit and Wide Fit sizes are also available for womens 



Choose from:

  • T-Shirt (Men / Women)
  • Wallet (Men / Women)


















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