SANS Travel Bottle
SANS Travel Bottle

SANS is a new and innovative travel bottle that preserves your juice or smoothie and keeps it fresher, longer.  

SANS was developed out of the need to preserve and avoid rapid oxidation of fresh juices and smoothies. During the juicing and blending process, fruits and vegetables oxidize, lose nutrients and go bad. We discovered a way to slow down this process to enjoy your juices and smoothies on your time. The SANS lid includes a pump mechanism which removes air and preserves your juice for a longer period of time.


How it works 

SANS bottle is a 16 oz. reusable bottle, made of glass. The preserver lid is leak proof and dishwasher safe. The bottle is easy to use. Simply pour your juice, smoothie or beverage of choice into the glass bottle, attached the lid, twist to unlock, pop open the preserver cap and pump to remove the air. Once complete, twist to seal and take your beverage whenever or whenever you go. The silicone wrap makes the bottle easy to grip and keeps the bottle insulated, longer.

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