Salvatore Manalo // Debut Studio EP
Salvatore Manalo // Debut Studio EP

This project has already launched.

Hi there! My name is Salvatore Manalo and if you don't know me yet, I am a singer-songwriter and musician currently based out of beautiful Portland, OR.

The EP will be self-titled because it will be my first official release and plus...I just couldn't think of a good enough name to capture it. This EP will be the best representation of myself as an artist so I thought, "why not just name it after myself?"

The songs I chose to be on the EP were all written within the last two years with the exception of one that I wrote almost six years ago. The sound will be a mix of soul, pop, and R&B. I am especially thrilled about this record because I will have a full band to accompany me. While I usually write and perform solo acoustic, this will allow me to take the first step in the direction I am envisioning with my music moving forward. With this EP and your help, I'll have something concrete to support my music with, book a small tour, and finally be able to put my music in full gear. 


Where and Who

Tracking will be done at the beautiful Rye Room with Owner/Producer/Engineer Matt Greco 

On the drums will be the amazing Dave Kelsay who is renowned around Portland as an amazing percussionist and can be found hosting the popular Ranger Station Open Mic or playing in several bands. 

On the bass guitar will be my brother from another musical mother, Evan Knapp. He is another incredible local singer-songwriter/guitarist/bassist/extraordinaire whom I'm proud to be in a couple of other projects in as well. 


I started playing guitar in my uncle's church when I was 12 and fell in love with the instrument ever since. During high school, I was living in Japan and really honed my guitar playing with the help of my sensei, Mike, who is a master guitar player and close family friend of ours. My attention eventually shifted from trying to be a guitar god (I never came close anyway) tosongwriting. After high school, I studied at Berklee College of Music where I really developed my sound. I tried my hand at posting originals and covers on YouTube around this time and the response was overwhelmingly warm and insightful. Soon, I was posting a video every week. As of today, I'm lucky to have about 15,500 subscribers and over 2 million views total. I sincerely appreciate your continued support! After a few semesters, I decided to move to California and try out the "Cali thing." While I enjoyed my experience there, it was time for me to head back home to Portland, OR. The community here has been nothing but amazing and the most talented people and inspiration are at every turn. I truly am lucky to be surrounded by a city of artists. While I am not the best self-promoter nor am I the most outspoken artist, I want to change that. I am here because after many years of learning, writing, creating, and performing...I am ready to take my songs into the studio and share my music as I've always wanted them to be heard.

An acoustic version of one of the tracks off of the EP.

With Your Support

I'll be able to:

  • Track all instruments with a few days to work with. This will include the initial rhythm parts, vocals, overdubs, guitar solos, background vocals, and keys. I considered tracking everything all in one day but it would be near impossible to have quality takes with such a limited time constraint. Estimate: $1400
  • Mixing and mastering, this will be the most cost-involved process. I want this EP to sound as amazing as possible. I want the subtlety of each musician to shine through. I want every guitar fill to hit you in the feels. I want the kick to vibrate through your soul. Estimate: $1750
  • Online distribution / limited physical copy duplication and promotion. Estimate: $500
  • Last but not least, I'll have adequate funds to compensate the amazing musicians that are helping me interpret the sound I have for this record. Estimate: $1000    
  • Total Cost: $4650

You might be thinking, "Well that doesn't add up, why are you campaigning for $3000 then?" Well, I've been saving for quite some time now and while I do have money put away for this project, it is not nearly enough to bring it to life. I'm honestly hoping to exceed my goal as that would keep me from going too far into the red financially. So as you can see, your support means the world to me and you really are the heartbeat of this project. 

Risks and challenges

I guess the most obvious and detrimental risk would be - failure to fund. I understand that backing a project that's relatively unknown can be risky, but I have absolute confidence in this project and I hope listeners will understand why. My main motivator is to make good music that will hopefully transcend any obstacles that may come.

Time would be another possible challenge. I have been working with the engineer and the other musicians to ensure that everything is completed in a timely manner but there can always be unforeseen hiccups in the schedule. Luckily, I believe I've allocated enough time between recording, production, and distribution that everything should be completed in time.

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