Sakura - the board game
Sakura - the board game



Sakura is a competitive game for 2-4 players set in feudal Japan. It is easy to learn, lightning-fast to play (typically under 30 minutes), and does not have player elimination. 

Despite the elegantly simple design, Sakura offers a wide range of strategic options as you build the map, collect resources, recruit an army and attack other cities. There are elements of modular map building, dice-based attacks, and modifier cards. 






We have been fortunate to work with the Board Game Designer's Guild of Utah for close to a year. They are a group of gamers who meet twice a month and help play-test board games as they are being developed. The Guild has put Sakura through the gauntlet. We have received praise and constructive criticism. After months of effort, Sakura has earned the Guild's coveted stamp of approval. This signifies that we have a thoroughly solid rule book and game mechanics, and it is a stamp that we will proudly display on the cover of our game box.


We will offer a print-and-play version of the game so you can enjoy it sooner!


For backers of the full production game, both regular and heirloom quality, you may pledge at the $10 level to get 2 extra, unique maps. This will bring your total maps to 6, and give you that much more variety for your 2-4 player games! 

We're making a limited number of beautifully hand-made Sakura games. These deluxe editions come in a carpenter-made cherry wood box with our Sakura kanji etched onto the box top. Game maps are backed in wood. 4 custom wooden abacuses are included to help tally resources. Coins are made of hand-forged pewter. You will be playing on a work of art.  



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