Safe Policing Using Remote Control Robotics
Safe Policing Using Remote Control Robotics

“One truly is the protector of oneself, who else could the protector be?”-Buddhist Scripture

The question is how to we make ourselves safe? Cops fear for their safety and civilians of color (Hispanics,Blacks,Middle Eastern,etc) fear for theirs. Ending Needless Policing Interactions is what this is all about and is why we support a new productivity tool that is widely used in education,healthcare and business.


Using a computer/laptop application an officer using the internet can interact with a citizen from a distance (police car,office,etc.) This tool can be shared or used by a single officer using a business email account and has camera and microphone capabilities.

Simply use mobile application,connect to wifi,connect to special network,and drive!

Traffic stops become safer for both parties in scenarios like:

Routine Stops-which an officer witnesses a traffic violation, pulls the car over, and, after satisfying himself that the occupants are not a threat, issues a citation.

Redirected Stop-begins when an officer witnesses a traffic violation and pulls the car over, but upon making contact with the occupants he detects something that suggests there is more afoot.

Pretext Stop-a traffic violation serves as justification for stopping a car whose occupants are suspected of some other offense, evidence of which the officer hopes to discover.

All scenarios can end with no lives being lost by using this tool.

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