Safe Cut
Safe Cut

Safe Cut allows you cut the lawn without the risk of injuries to children

  • $10USD
    A Crowdfunding Mention

    We will write a special thank you to you on our Crowdfunding page.

    Estimated delivery: July 2015
  • $25USD

    You have the chance to win your very own Safe Cut and combo package. (Organic cotton T-shirt, large coffee mug and shopping bag.) combo package will be delivered September 2015

  • Estimated delivery: February 2016

  • $35USD
    Coffee Mug

    For your donation, we'll send you a large, limited edition, 15 oz. coffee mug with the Safe Cut logo. (FREE SHIPPING USA/ CANADA) other countries add $15 USD

  • $45USD
    Shopping Bag

    Canvas Tote/Shopping Bag For your donation of $50, we'll send you our limited edition, reusable canvas, Energy-Economy-Ecology tote/shopping bag with the Safe Cut logo on the side. (FREE SHIPPING USA/ CANADA) other countries add $15 USD

  • $60USD

    This donation provides you with a limited edition, high-quality, organic cotton T-shirt with our logo when the campaign is over. (FREE SHIPPING USA/ CANADA) other countries add $10 USD

  • $79USD

    Be immortalized with your name and country highlighted on the first page of the Safe Cut booklet as a First Contributor as well as on an engraved plaque with your name hung in our office for all visitors to see (Early bird special 2)

  • $99USD
    Safe Cut Case with Engraving

    Have your name permanently engraved on the first set of the carrying cases e.g. “Roy Carter Safe Cut Limited Edition” and we will send you a picture when product is completed. (Early bird special 1)

  • $130USD
    Combo Package

    For your donation of $130, you'll receive our Safe Cut Combo Pack: Organic cotton T-shirt, large coffee mug and shopping bag. (FREE SHIPPING USA/ CANADA) other countries add $20 USD

  • $200USD
    The Safe Cut-early bird price

    Make sure you get your hands on one of the first Safe Cut units off the line. We’ll reserve one for you! By ordering early you will also receive T shirt . Add $30 for shipping in the United States and Canada or $50 for global shipping.

  • $200USD
    Be on Team for a week

    Help us make decisions and be part of our business conversations for one week as a perk for your donation. This is great for someone planning on developing their own product or for a local business owner trying influence and help drive local businesses with an insider’s view. This would give a business owner more info on our product and its retail capabilities.

  • $250USD
    The Safe Cut - International

    The Safe Cut - including international shipping costs

  • $350USD
    Project Advisor

    Give your personal/professional input on how we can go forward in your part of the world. Be listed in the Safe Cut Booklet as a Project Advisor and on our website for increased exposure!

  • $500USD
    Safe Cut Launch

    Be the first to own a Safe Cut and be presented with it at our official launch in the beautiful Island of Barbados in February 2016. Full details provided six (6) months before launch. Transportation not included; VIP airport pick-up provided; food and drinks provide. Travel advice provided by Safe Cut inventor, a previous travel consultant.

  • $500USD
    Company Sponsorship

    Your company logo will be added to our campaign page, website, and social media pages. Other details can be customized to your marketing needs.

  • $850USD
    Buy One, Donate One!

    Share the love. Safe Cut will donate one (1) Safe Cut to a person of your choice including two T-shirts and a combo package (Organic cotton T-shirt, large coffee mug, shopping bag, clock and plaque ) with free shipping

  • $3,000USD
    Sponsor an Event

    At this level, Safe Cut pays for an entire event! We will arrange a party where you are the sponsor and promote Safe Cut. We will throw this in our Carnival season to maximize exposure for our sponsor.

  • $8,000USD
    Store Pack

    Included in our ready-to-sell distribution pack for retailers: 50 Safe Cut units prepared for display and sale. This is a significant savings over smaller orders. Shipping is free throughout the United States. When our campaign closes, our team will contact you with details and to collect information. International orders will incur an additional $1,499 USD for shipping and handling.

We are going live at Indiegogo soon. Before that, we need your assitance to make this project a reality. Please subscribe above for all the updates on this project and to get discounted Safe Cut through early brid package.

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