SacPac - The Wearable Power House
SacPac - The Wearable Power House

This project has already launched.

Who, What, Why ?

  • We are a team of individuals, with backgrounds in electronics, business and marketing.
  • Working to make sure our coming generations have a better, brighter and greener planet to live in.
  • Help us, Help this planet, the only inhabitable planet in solar system.

What We Need & What You Get

Here is detail:

  • We need around 100K $ to make this happen. Rest is for awareness campaigns regarding green energy sources.
  • First 10 backers with 350$ will get SacPac with complete accessories and lifetime warranty.
  • Trees will be planted along with educational campaigns for children regarding solar power if we aren't able to achieve our goal.

The Impact

Here's what you're becoming a part of:

  • A contribution in making world a greener place.
  • A world, facing severe energy crisis, about to collapse on itself if no actions taken.
  • You can contact whenever you want regarding progress of our work and feel free to ask any questions.

Other Ways You Can Help

Here's what you can do apart from contributing monetarily:

  • Spread the word
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