Saai Chai Exotic Tea
Saai Chai Exotic Tea


Hand Picked All Natural Teas

Special Designer Packaging

Saai-Chai company has partnered with a family owned grower and provider of specialty gourmet teas in Sri Lanka. The teas grown there are all natural and also utilize all natural fruit and flower flavorings. Saai-Chai is also partnering with local humane societies to help stop animal and pet abuse. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the teas will be donated to the local humane society. The goal of Saai-Chai company is to set up distributors nationwide and eventually globally to sell our products. Once a distributor comes on line he will then donate a portion of his sales directly to his state local humane society.

Great Flavors to Choose From. Many More Coming

Story Of Jakie:

We adopted Jakie from the shelter. He was abused by his owner. The owner was mad at his wife for leaving him and took it out on their dog Jakie. He proceeded to tie jakie to the back of this truck and drag him down the paved road. My son picked Jakie from the many dogs in the shelter. We took him home and loved him. It took a while for Jakie to trust anyone, but, he finally came around and was a wonderful family member. Jakie past away last year from cancer,but, we had a wonderful life together and we will never forget him.

Jakie BABA

$1 of all Single Sales is Donated to the Local Humane Society



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