Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce- Up the Flavor & Goodness!
Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce- Up the Flavor & Goodness!


It All Started...

from Grandma's original recipe of 100% natural, no additives, made-from-scratch chili sauce. Today, this same family recipe is the foundation of Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce with its perfect balance of garden vegetables, savory spices and a blend of chili peppers that is truly addictive.  Along with Grandma's original recipe that we named "Sweet & Savory," we have created three more mouth-watering flavors each with its own distinct layers of flavor and heat: Sweet Heat, Smokey Chipotle and Habanero Heat.   


We hit the ground sprinting to develop our four fantastic flavors, established Rustic Tomato LLC and began sharing our product across the Wasatch Front in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Motivated to bring this comfort food to the masses, we took our product to friends, the local farmers markets and grocery stores, only to find that many people were no stranger to chili sauce. They began to share their fond memories over chili sauce at "family dinner time" or "canning chili sauce with grandma" and how this food not only evoked a response from their taste buds but from their past as well. We realized we had an opportunity with our wholesome, home-cooked chili sauce to bring enjoyable memories back to life and create one amazing meal in the process.  Our other goal was to bring slow-cooked goodness to a fast paced world.  One less fast-food dinner toward obesity and unhealthy eating habits.


Since our launch in June 2016, Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce has been placed in 20 stores throughout Utah and shared with many folks at our local farmers market. With our recent launch on, we are ready to take our product and business to the next level and we need your help! 


Sweet & Savory

Our SIGNATURE flavor, Sweet and Savory is what started it all! This is Great Grandma’s original recipe and delicious blend of peppers, onions, and our signature spices.  All natural, no additives, non-GMO, feel good, comfort food bringing BIG flavor.

 Sweet Heat

Sweet Heat has all of the goodness of our Sweet and Savory flavor with a smooth combination of chili peppers, like the Urfa Biber.  The flavorful blend  is  just right for when you want a little kick to the original goodness.

Smokey Chipotle

Alongside our traditional bell peppers, onions and spices, this delicious blend includes the sweet smokiness of the chipotle chili that gives it a down- home flare, pairing perfectly with everything hot-off-the-grill or for those dishes that you wish were just that – fresh from the bar-b-que!

Habanero Heat

Flavorful Heat! We found the perfect amount of habanero to add to our chili blend and bring a smooth layering of heat. The flavors travel and bloom in your mouth, then the warmth builds making Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce over the top compared to traditional hot sauces.






  What We Have Done

  • All business, legal, insurance, supplier, production, labeling and initial marketing processes/requirements are in place.
  • We have a commercial kitchen and co-packer contracted and initial runs have been completed.
  • We have 20 store accounts with a distributor for Utah in place.
  • We have access to customers across the globe through online marketplaces.
  • We have our website, images and social media running while we continue to build on these.

Where We Are

  • We are working through the details with a national distributor.
  • We are working to get in regional/national grocery retailers.
  • We are working to reach additional internet sales networks.
  • We are working with high profile bloggers to build brand recognition and create product awareness.
  • We have made contacts with television stations for product spotlight.
  • We are working with local businesses for purchase orders- restaurants, client gift packages and employee gifts.

Where We are Going

  • We need to get into more stores, secure a national distributor, increase online sales and get onto dinner tables across the nation.
  • We need to get as many rewards as possible out there.  Through your support and sharing this campaign with everyone you know, we can share the goodness and bring back memories while creating new experiences.

Our Plan

  • We will use the word-of-mouth and re-orders from rewards to increase our national customer base and increase sales.
  • We will use the capital generated to purchase supplies and ingredients in large volume to reduce product costs. 
  • We will use the capital for product manufacturing.
  • We will use the capital for marketing with television, internet campaigns and print products.
  • We will use the capital to attend Trade Shows and Exhibitions to secure purchase orders and build brand awareness.


Bottled Goodness 
Bottled Goodness


What a sight on the store shelf! 
What a sight on the store shelf!


We have spent countless hours perfecting our product to create an "over-the-top" experience.  We created some pretty sweet reward packages and are so excited to share the goodness with you!  Thank you for your interest and support and we look forward to getting our chili sauce in your hands and on your tables!



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