Rush to Survive
Rush to Survive

Based on a harsh survival atmosphere, set in a low poly environment, Rush to Survive is everything you want in a fast-paced, survival, FPS game. From the moment you begin, start looting your way to the top in a small world filled with loot. Find guns, ammunition, and armor to assist you in your goal to come out at the top. The constant battle starts when the match does, so be prepared to detach yourself from other players while you build up your weaponry. Other people aren't your only threat, hungry animals, radiation, and cold will seek you out and make your time here that much more difficult. Campfires, anti-radiation pills, and sharp instincts will be your best friend. Death is waiting around every move you make, without respawns decision making is crucial. Keep a lookout for our project coming soon on Kickstarter!

 The only way you'll get anywhere is to find loot around the world. Procedurally generated loot ensures there's enough of it, if you can find it. Loot comes in all shapes and sizes, from weapon crates to cardboard boxes.

 Random events like Airdrops and Trainwrecks will occur during a match. Filled with rare loot, they serve as an attraction for everyone to come together and fight for some of the best items available.

Shopkeepers setup in the midst of battle. If you end up in the situation with no loot but plenty of gold, buying loot is always an option. The risks of buying your items is high, as there's only one shopkeeper brave enough to setup under the circumstances.

 With the core mechanics of the game already finished, we only need a little bump to finish cosmetics and build on a few features for the game. Our plan is to bring the rest of the game to a working prototype stage and then, of course, the beautiful, low poly cosmetics will come full circle. While some of the cosmetics are already done, a few things need some touching up. 

Risks and Challenges

While developing Rush to Survive, we've definitely hit some bumps along the way. Being an indie developer with only a small group of friends means we are taking on the task of completing networking, 3D modeling, coding and more by ourselves. One of the issues we've run into in the past was definitely networking. Even with experience in Unreal Engine, networking in Unreal's blueprint system was something new to us. Taking it step by step, we learned a good majority of the networking process and have a working prototype of most of the core mechanics in the game. We're very determined to set and finish our goals. It has been a dream to create a video game that we would want to play. and one that sets us aside from the many other indie developers. Since the game is already at the working prototype stage, many of the challenges have been taken care of over the past couple years. We're fully prepared to learn, and accomplish any challenges that come with bringing the game from working prototype, to the release stage. Over the past two years, we have gotten a good idea on time frames to complete the game. We're confident we can hit our goals and finish on time.

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