Runner's Ring
Runner's Ring

Appropriately called the “Runner’s Ring”, this device is to notify and warn pedestrians or other runners that someone is running behind them and will pass soon. The device works by emitting a chime sound when the "horn" button is pressed by the runner. The secondary purpose of the device is a personal alarm that can be used when a runner is in danger. This is activated by pressing and holding the the "help" button on the Runner's Ring for a consecutive 5 seconds. In short, the device functions as a horn for a runner as well as a personal alarm.


Super Courteous   


The sidewalks are filled not only with other runners, but with dog walkers, baby strollers, and general pedestrians as well. Since humans, unlike vehicles, don’t have built-in blinkers or horns, how do you politely say "move over"? Runners have resorted to everything from jingling keys, to the “fake cough”, to my favorite- running with a doggy bell attached it to you shoe- Jingle bells!  Avid runners will agree, once you are out of breath and fatigued the slightest interruption to your breathing, stride, or rhythm becomes quite an inconvenience. This gets even worse in heavy pedestrians areas. However, with the convenience of the Runner’s Ring, the runner needs only to lift a finger while in their normal constant stride to alert unsuspecting pedestrians of their impending approach.



Absolutely the Safest

Aside from the ability to warn others in your running path, the Runners Ring’s unique design provides a safety component that proves superior against most other personal alarms. Most personal alarms are carried on key chains, in a pocket, or inside a purse. The trouble is that in order to be most effective, the personal alarm has to be easily accessible at the time of an emergency. That may leave little time to rummage through pockets or purses to locate, and then activate it. The Runner’s Ring “help” button is already on your hand and only requires the use of one finger to activate it. Running for solo road warriors just got safer.

 Definitely the Coolest

 This product is the absolute coolest! Why, you ask? Because, with one finger, millions of runners around the world will be able to send a courteous “excuse me's” to everyone in their path, without breaking stride or breaking bones. Why? Because this product currently fills an unmet need that runners especially can appreciate. Why? By advocating a consistent way for all runners to identify themselves to on-comers and promoting a safety element that could literally save lives.  The Runner’s Ring is an inexpensive solution that will quickly become a standard for runners around the globe. From the curvaceous slopes of California to the concrete corners of New York City, Let Runner's Ring!  


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