RunForm - Change the way you run
RunForm - Change the way you run

Have you ever wanted to change your running form?

There is no one invariably right and painless way to run. However, studies have shown that strategically altering how your foot lands when running could be advisable for some runners. For example, people suffering from knee problems can benefit from forefoot striking. Those who have Achilles’ tendon complaints can benefit from rearfoot striking.
Switching form is not simple though, as countless runners and joggers who have tried will attest. That is why we are developing RunForm. RunForm is an thin undersole that is worn under your shoe's insole. 
The undersole is less than a hundredth of an inch thick so you won't even know it's there! It connects to a small bluetooth device that transmits foot striking information to a smartphone app that gives you instant feedback on your running form and coaches you on how to correct it. The goal of RunForm is to help avoid running injuries and also to achieve better running form for better efficiency and speed.
RunForm gives you live feedback and lets you set goals about how much you are heel or forefoot striking, supinating or pronating, your stride length, your cadence, your speed, and distance--all in real time! And after your run you can review your stats and upload your data to our website. 
RunForm will help you achieve your fitness goals, avoid injury and change the way you run! 
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