RUNEGLAIVE: SWORD OF HEROES, an epic fantasy novel
RUNEGLAIVE: SWORD OF HEROES, an epic fantasy novel

Concept art for The Hero Sagas trilogy covers

Rüneglaive: Sword of Heroes is the first in a series of epic fantasy novels akin to the works of the master J.R.R. Tolkien

I'm so confident you'll love my books, I am giving you the chance to read the first 100 pages free:

Michael Reed McLaughlin is an avid sailor, Student Emmy award-winning filmmaker, and long-time epic fantasy author, penning 1,000,000+ words

The basic iBooks Edition of Rüneglaive: Sword of Heroes will include the chapter illustrations I’ve done for the books and the color maps.

The iBooks Enhanced Reading Experience Edition will comprise chapter art & maps, 3-D castle & weapon renderings, glossary, languages, etc.

Christine composed and performed the score for the video (above), and will be doing the music for the iBooks Enhanced Reading Experience Ed.

Visit to learn more about RüNEGLAIVE: SWORD OF HEROES & other books in THE HERO SAGAS trilogy by Michael Reed McLaughlin

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