Runbell: Keeping Pedestrians Safe At Any Speed
Runbell: Keeping Pedestrians Safe At Any Speed

 What does it take to make a truly amazing fitness accessory?

We believe there has to be a NEED. Outdoor sports like running, speed hiking, rollerblading, skateboarding, and more have products, pills, and wearables that meet users’ physical needs.

But none of these needs addressed the bigger question of Safety


You know what I’m talking about. You have been out running or skateboarding and had to yell ‘Pass’ or ‘On your left’ startling a pedestrian and earning you a mean reaction, an angry glare, or the finger. We hate it. The trail is for everyone of every speed. But we get it. People don’t like being yelled at.

More So: Yelling isn’t safe. It’s reactive.

Yelling startles people. We don’t like startling people. We invented a product to proactively and safely alert pedestrians without startling them. We called it the ‘Runbell’.


We launched a Kickstarter back in 2014 to sell the FIRST proactive fitness wearable for pedestrian safety. It was modern looking and could signal you were behind someone with an easy to hear but clear ‘Ring’. We got funded, and runners around the world and of every path type raved about it.


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The first thing was we got a ton of feedback from users to improve the design. What we heard was great, so we took your suggestions back to the drawing board and reworked the Runbell. Now it:

  • Rests better on your fingers 
  • Has an easier to use striker 
  • Provides a louder sound for bigger spaces 
  • And is designed and built right here in Portland, Oregon USA

These new elements take the Runbell to the next level and make it a MUST HAVE for trail, path, or paved road runners.


Your feedback also showed us that Runbell had outgrown the ‘Runners Only’ market. As emails came in, we noticed comments came from skaters, rollerbladers, and more. They all used the Runbell for the same reason: They wanted a proactive solution to helping people stay safe.

Runbell has shown us the demand for pedestrian safety is universal. If you move fast, you need a fast solution. That’s why we decided to re-launch the new and improved Runbell on Kickstarter for people who move quickly and need safe, fast solutions.




The Runbell is elegant in design and easy to use. It is a two finger fitness wearable made with

  • A Specially Selected Highly Acoustic Alloy for the Bell 
  • A Lightweight Aluminum Grip 
  • And A Zinc Striker Heavy Enough To Get Heard On Any Trail

You wear it on your middle and index finger and use your thumb to push down the striker to alert pedestrians with a clear, resonant ‘RING’.



Runbell has an elegant sound that alerts people that you are passing. In place of shouting, grunting, or passing people at the last second-surprising or startling them-you signal that someone is behind them with a clear and loud ‘Ring’.

The Runbell is a proactive solution to a reactive issue.



 Get the new and improved Runbell with:

  • New And Easier To Use Specially Designed Zinc Striker 
  • New Color Options 
  • Better Sizing Options With More Precise Gel Inserts 
  • A Louder ‘Ring’ 
  • And Built in Portland Oregon USA

Why We Went Local

We moved from Tokyo Japan to Portland, Oregon. Portland is filled with high-quality makers. Everywhere you turned someone was making something in their garage or small shop. That energy is infectious and we want to be part of it. That’s why we are now having the new Runbell made in Portland, Oregon. By having our product made in America, we provide a higher quality product that keeps jobs in the states and reduces the cost of international shipping.

Get Your Runbell Now

Save 20% now at Kickstarter with a special price of $20.00.

Our new model is designed to help on-the-go enthusiasts with an elegant solution for speed and safety. The new and improved Runbell not only rings louder, we also made it easier to use, and with a better fit for more people.

Reserve yours now and save ‘20’ percent off retail and get the only proactive solution for trail lovers on the go.











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