Ruin of the Reckless
Ruin of the Reckless

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A beautiful and challenging action rogue-like, inspired by 16-bit classics, focusing on speed, melee combat, and co-op play. 



Check out this supplementary video from Charles and Danny about our stretch goals!



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Ruin of the Reckless has been Greenlit by the Steam Community.  Check out our Greenlight page!
Ruin of the Reckless has been Greenlit by the Steam Community. Check out our Greenlight page!



The Tower

Since the beginning of time, or maybe longer, this place has been here. It is a beacon of sorts, attracting the souls of those who both lived and died with recklessness in their hearts.

Bound by some unknown force, these wayward spirits cannot leave.

And so they remain… With time their souls will rot. They will fade away and they will be forgotten.

But even here there is hope… a legend whispered among the ghosts and specters. That any spirit to reach the Tower’s peak will be granted one wish…


They arrived at my village atop gilded horses laden heavy with treasure. Illustrious and strong, weapons at the ready, armor gleaming in the sun... they told me that they were adventurers, that I had the potential to be like them some day. 

No one in the village understood why I had to go!  So I slunk away in the dead of night, slipping beneath the trees. It wasn't long after I left that they appeared; a group of travelers in a nearby clearing. It was those same adventurers from the tavern!  I greeted them as friends. 

I was a fool....

I awoke to see a colossal tower looming in the distance. Somehow... I had never noticed it before. There it stood, ancient and terrifying, radiating an intense energy that called to my very soul.

I am still to have my grand adventure, and perhaps my revenge as well.


Ruin of the Reckless is a 2D action rogue-like with a focus on fast-paced melee combat, speedy movement, and co-operative play.

We have been working on Ruin of the Reckless for over a year, building the systems that form the basis of the mechanics of the game, running it through play testers to get their thoughts, building the history and lore of the Ruins and of the spirits (and a few living people) trapped inside, and working with our artists to make the world beautiful and engaging.

We want to capture the feel of 16-bit classics like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past while providing a major graphical update, upping the pace, adding challenge and randomness, and letting you play with your friends.


- Speed through the environment at lightning pace and crush giant hordes of enemies with melee combat-focused abilities. Upgrade your weapons, find new equipment, level up your hero.

- Explore a detailed, exciting, randomly generated Tower that changes with each ascent. The Ruin is a mysterious place, and not even its inhabitants know its true purpose. It is filled with powerful artifacts, hordes of vicious monsters, and the occasional wayward traveler. Discover the mysterious purpose of the Tower and see your one true wish granted.

- Accessible and easy to pick up and play, but ascending to the higher levels of the Tower will take intense skill. As you get higher, you will encounter more dangerous enemies, more vicious traps, and more difficult challenges. Collect the right combination of items and abilities to ensure you reach the top!

- Bring your friends, the game will ship with local co-op play for at least two players!



Primary Weapon: Begin the game with a *weaksauce* primary weapon and find better ones as you traverse the Tower.

Secondary Weapons: Wield two weapons at a time! Your secondary weapons are gained and upgraded by finding and consuming special ability orbs.

Boots: Every one knows that you can't dash without boots! Explore the Tower to find all kinds of different stylish boots to modify your dashing capabilities. Perhaps you want to leave a trail of fire in your wake, or dash longer and further, or maybe you want to be able to chain multiple dashes at a time, or maybe you just want to fly over hazards like they weren't even there. It's all possible if you have the right boots!

Orbs: Level up and collect powerful ability orbs. Consume them to learn new abilities which will aid you, or use them as weapons to defeat your enemies.

Cards: As you ascend the Tower and fulfill special challenges, you will collect persistent cards which you can keep between runs. Don't worry, cards are always optional. But maybe the game is too hard for you. Head to the library and equip the 'baby-mode' card and all the monsters will treat you like the big baby that you are. Or maybe you just want to add some variety to your play experience; change things up by equipping 'deaths door' and make it so every thing dies in one hit... including you. Combine different cards to create your own custom rule set before your run starts.

The Gift Shop: Rufus and Reginald are thought to be the only intelligent living creatures to ever find their way inside The Tower. They've decided to open up a gift shop there, believing that the exotic location will attract business. Stop in for a moment and peruse their wares, but pay no attention to the persistent rumors that these two are more than they appear to be...

Find ancient spellbooks imbued with magic. Charge up your spells, it will drain them more quickly, but might save your life. Choose carefully though; once a spellbook is depleted it will need to be replaced before you can use magic again.

Fireball: A common spell, and for good reason. Unleashes an explosive volley of flaming balls in the direction of the casters choosing. Watch out, certain enemies can reflect your fireballs back towards you.

Rain of Swords: This fearsome spellbook is sought after by all who enter the Ruins. Unfortunately, the phenomenal cosmic power of the Rain of Swords drains spellbooks rapidly.

Shockwave: Although a bit harder to aim than many other spells, the shockwave spell is the only one that can pass under walls, making it a fearsome weapon in the right hands.

Call Lightning: A welcome sight to any spirit in peril; This spellbook summons a protective storm of bolts around the caster, eliminating enemy projectiles and dealing catastrophic damage to any spirit foolish enough to get caught in the blast.

We're working on more spells that we can't wait to show you!

Enemies in Ruin of the Reckless are balanced such that each one can have lasting impact throughout the game. They are more dangerous in combination with one another, organizing their patterns into deadly combinations as the game goes on. Some enemies are even known to command lesser spirits into coordinated formations!

Enemies use a state system + steering system based AI to create smooth motions and transitions between different AI and attack states. This allows us to code natural looking, complex AI behaviors quickly and maintain a high level of diversity between enemies.


Skirmisher: “Those who foolishly begin conflicts with dangerous enemies in life often find themselves slowly degenerating in to Skirmishers in their afterlife. Skirmishers are more independent than Slimes. They still remember what it was like to have free will. And they are consumed by an unending resentment towards the still-whole spirits of Stargrove and his friends.”

Skullslime: “Tower citizens destined to become Slimes are the lowest of the low. Sycophants who threw caution to the wind and put their lives on the line in the service of a tyrant or a fool. They remember only one thing, that someone reckless... someone like you, lead them to their doom. And so they hop, and hop, and one day they hope to land on your head.”


Ratcoon: "Most research seems to indicate that these are really just normal Ratcoons. To be honest... spirits in The Ruin just tend not to clean up after themselves very well. Don't be fooled by their cute exterior, as swarms of ratcoons are known to rip spirits to shreds.

We will be highlighting more enemies as the kickstarter goes on.

BOSS #1: The Lady in Black: “This compulsive gambler was winning big when 'Grandstand Casino' caught fire. Unwilling to let her hot streak end, she slid a gasmask on and held the rest of her table there at gunpoint. They would stay here and gamble with her or they would be shot. It was a terrible night, and all involved would eventually perish, but in the mean time...The Woman In Black took to counting her immense winnings.”

(Each reward tier includes all previous 'physical good' and 'digital game key' rewards.) 





Ruin of The Reckless has been a self-funded labor of love for over a year, and we've reached the point where we need the help of a few more artists to fill out our enemy animations and level designs. With your help, we can make sure the game is everything we all want it to be. With stretch goals, we'll be able to take everything to the next level with more bosses, levels of the Tower, items, magical abilities, and more!

More Enemies: The more enemies designed and the better they are animated, the more satisfying the game will be. We've spent the last year fine-tuning the system for the game while building out the back story. Now it's time to hire the artists we need to bring it all to life. 

More Levels: Ruin of The Reckless randomly regenerates every level of the tower for each play-through, so every element designed for the game allows us to create a more and more diverse landscape to explore. 

More Player Characters: Ruin of The Reckless was always envisioned as a multiplayer title, and with your help we can make sure you and your partner each have the choice of a unique player character to keep things interesting!







Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge that we anticipate is the development taking longer than we expect. However, we have compensated for that by adjusting our deadlines appropriately. We have followed the 'programmers' rule of adding 50% more time than we think we will need to finish the project.

We have specifically avoided offering backer rewards that we were unsure we could deliver. We have full confidence that we can deliver on our promises.

The basic systems for the game are already built, the mechanical basis for enemies, players, spells and items is all already there. We do not foresee any major programming issues. All we need is a lot of art and of design time to get the game finished, and some time to optimize the game for speed on slower systems.

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