Rudi Rainbow and the lost colors – an educational app for kids
Rudi Rainbow and the lost colors – an educational app for kids

"Rudi Rainbow and the lost colors" is an interactive storybook app teaching kids aged 6 and older a lot about the weather. Join Rudi and his friends on their search for the colors and meet cute weather people on the way. Learn how wind or rain are formed and apply your knowledge in 6 interactive mini games! The iPad app will be in English and German and completely safe for kids to use, without any advertising or in-app-purchases. Support us in getting Rudi's story to the App Store and on your iPads – we are raising the money for the final steps of development: programming, animations, music & sound recording and a proper English translation. Our kickstarter campaign will start soon :)

The children’s app consists of more than 30 beautifully illustrated scenes with a lot to discover: there will be hidden goodies like animated objects and fun sound effects. By tilting your iPad, a little more of the scene will be revealed – we are implementing a parallax effect. Choose between English and German, read the story by yourself or listen to the narrator’s charming voice.

The story takes place in Novemberville, the capital of an adventurous world where the weather is made. Each resident plays a part in a very important task: fulfilling the weather forecast.

One day, Rudi’s colors get blown away by a huge storm. So him and his friends head out to look for the lost colors. Let's join them!

Throughout the story, you will meet several residents of Novemberville. Each contributes something to help the sad little rainbow.

With your help, Rudi will retrieve his colors one after the other: Each comes with a weather condition explained in details by the respective resident.

By playing a matching game or solving an interactive task, you will get back one of the colors. You will make wind, charge thunderclouds or repair the little dipper!

For the last missing color, Rudi and his friends will go see the moon. What will happen there is our secret but it will be fun!

The characters are handcrafted – we used different materials like modelling clay, cables or wool to give them their special tactile looks. So let's finally meet everyone:

Rudi is a happy little guy. He likes all of his colors but he is really proud of his invisible ultraviolet. Too bad they get blown away.

Tommy is full of energy and always on the move. He is a bit clumsy though, causing all kinds of disasters.

Stella is the bright and reasonable one. She is good in school, always does her homework and can name each constellation in the night sky.

Sören recently moved to Novemberville. He is from up north, his family just opened up an ice cream parlor in Rudi's street.

Mrs. Venus is Rudi’s grandmother and a warm-hearted lady. She loves sitting on the porch all day knitting fancy stuff and has her own fashion line. Find out more in our rewards section!

Mr. Cloud is Rudi’s dad and has a very green thumb. He takes care of every single plant in the weatherland.

Rudi’s mother Mrs. Sun likes to get up early. Then she is busy all day trying to cheer everybody up.

Mrs. Breeze is Tommy’s mother. She likes traveling to the sea and owns a huge, colorful kite collection.

Mr. Hurricane is Tommy’s father. He is short-tempered but he doesn’t really mean it. It is just in his nature.

Mr. Bolt is the electrician, fixing all kinds of power related problems. He is quick – he appears within seconds.

Mr. Polaris is Stella's dad and the sheriff of Novemberville. He runs the lost and found at the police station where the weirdest things are turning up.

Professor Hailstone teaches chemistry at the weather school. You don't see him often, he is usually locked up in his laboratory trying to stop climate warming.

Mr. Earth is the mayor of Novemberville and makes sure everyone sticks to the weather forecast – a very busy job.

His personal assistant Mr. Moon often works until late at night and is constantly having weight problems.

“Rudi Rainbow” is the project of Felicitas and Martina (Hello, November). In collaboration with Daniel (FIERY THINGS), Rudi’s first adventure is being developed as a children’s app. The goal is for kids to learn more about their environment through play. They should know what is happening around them and have a lot of fun while doing so.

Besides working on “Rudi Rainbow”, Felicitas and Martina are the authors of the German blog Ene Mene Mobile: a lovely collection of safe and high quality children’s apps that helps parents and relatives to explore the App Store.

Felicitas is a 26 years old art director. After finishing her communication design studies, she has been working in advertising for the last 3 years. She is responsible for conception, marketing, design and illustration.

Martina is a 26 years old photographer. After her BA in Media Engineering, she has been working as a freelance photographer and image-editor. She is responsible for conception, photography, marketing as well as web development.

Daniel is a 29 years old game designer and developer. He is currently doing his PhD studies in the area of game design/development and cutting edge interface technologies in London, UK. Daniel is also the founder of FIERY THINGS, a small London based game studio. For Rudi, he is responsible for technical conception, software development and consulting.

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