RUDE BOY is the coming-of-age story of Winston Brown who navigates the shanty town gangs, recording studios and government yards during the sixties in Trench Town, Jamaica. Winston pioneers ska music into reggae celebrating his Rastafarian transformation and reaching rock star status, perfectly contrasting the violence and police brutality.

The native music, mento was mixed-in with the U.S. jazz and R&B and became Ska. Suddenly, ska music was everywhere. The groups formed and recorded records in the morning that were played at the "jump-ups", ghetto dances later that night. This was because their music was not heard on the British Commonwealth controlled and operated radio, they had to seek it out and they did.

If you liked CITY OF GOD - you'll love RUDE BOY <> a little ultra violence with a bangin' soundtrack to boot!
I'm Bruce Wayne Gillies and I am the filmmaker preparing to shoot the Major Motion Picture RUDE BOY, paying maximum respect to the original ska, rock steady and reggae artists.

You can help support and launch this project into production and score some nice nice rewards in the process - One Destiny One Aim One Love.

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RUDE BOY movie

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