Royale Luxury Leather Goods
Royale Luxury Leather Goods

As a 22-year-old in college, studying economics, I rediscovered something we all know, that fashion is expensive. We looked at popular fashion trends vs durability vs price and it was astonishing. While yes, they do go hand in hand to some extent, the mark-up for those ‘quality’ ‘name brands’ is ridiculous. So I decided I would do something about it.


My mission from the start was to create a company that gives the same amazing styles as the ultra-high-end brands, with a twist. Instead of focusing on profits, Royale Leather Goods focuses on quality. I believe that creating a customer based company rather than a profit based company will create more customer satisfaction, and therefore more customers. A company centered around YOU.


With a customer based company in mind, I asked myself this question: Why do we let these other companies tell US what WE like? Have you seen some of the NY fashion shows? Most of us would never wear a lot of that stuff. So, why not let the customers design their products? At Royale Leather Goods, we will have constant polls, where people can submit, and vote on the company’s next products. That way, we always know what YOU want.

At Royale, we use only the finest, and most durable materials to make our bags. Since the days of our first ancestors, we have used leathers to protect ourselves and the things we love. Why? Because it's dependable, durable and beautiful. We've kept it that way.

We are bringing you the highest quality hand-crafted leather goods. For a limited time, here on Kickstarter, you have the opportunity to get yours for a fraction of the price. Don't miss out.

We Currently have 4 products, 2 Packs, a money-clip wallet, and a phone case. With your help, we plan on expanding into other models, and products. A few things we are working on right now are: Cluthes, Purses, Duffel Bags, and many more!

Current Product Line:

The 'Juventas' Pack - The Juventas is made of smooth 100% genuine deep chestnut leather with vintage brown accents. Features: 4 external pockets, Adjustable front magnetic buckles, 4 fully lined interior pockets, Laptop sleeve, Adjustable shoulder straps with removable messenger strap.

The 'Atlas' Pack - The Atlas is made with thick, 100% full grain dark walnut leather and features: 3 Fully lined interior pockets, Draw-string top closure with magnetic buckle, 3 exterior pockets with magnetic closures, Adjustable shoulder straps.

The 'Fortuna' money clip wallet - The 100% genuine leather Fortuna wallet features: 7 card slots, Magnetic money clip.

The 'Phosphor' phone case - The Phosphor is made specifically for iPhone 6/s and iPhone 6/s Plus users and features: Genuine deep chestnut leather with a smooth rubberized plastic body.

The 'Atlas' Backpack and 'Fortuna' Moneyclip Wallet

The 'Juventas' Backpack and 'Phosphor' iPhone Case

The 'Juventas' Backpack

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