Royal Hounds: The Weismann Mistery
Royal Hounds: The Weismann Mistery

This project has already launched.

In the immense Kingdom of Atlan crimes are committed daily that are not resolved by the forces of the Law, therefore, the King ordered to create an elite team, formed by the best trackers throughout the Kingdom, people with amazing skills that, combined, were capable of solving even the most complex crimes.

They are the ¡Royal Hounds!  

We are Caffeine Studios, and we are pleased to present our first project on Kickstarter. It is a graphic novel set in a beautiful epic fantasy world, accompanied by a light novel that complements it, which tells one of the main cases of the Royal Hounds, specifically the Mystery Weissman, a story full of intrigue, betrayal and mystery seasoned with amazing fights and a roster of secondary characters very varied.

All the material will initially appear in English and Spanish, and the patrons will can choose which one they are most interested in.

For the presentation of the story, we have thought that you have a volume and a book of the highest possible quality. The graphic novel consists of more 100 pages in full color, in A4size and covered in hardcover cardboard in gloss with interior pages of 110 grams of thickness. The novel will be a book in hardcover cardboard with inner pages of 90 grams of thickness and spine stitched.

If the project get founded, we’ll give you the digital versión on november 2018, we’ll need a couple months more to send you the physical versión, but you will can enjoy it at the beginning of the year!

Thanks for supporting us! ;)

Doyle, the leader of the Royal Hounds, receives a missive where he is urged to go to the Weissman mansion on the outskirts of Britannia, capital of the Kingdom of Atlan. Richard Weissman, the richest man in the Kingdom after the King himself and absolute owner of the "Weissman Steel" factories of Kingdom corporal armor, has been murdered in mysterious circumstances. This event could create a break in the defense of the Kingdom without a successor that can direct the factories, up to the level and with the knowledge of the deceased, weakness that the enemy Kingdoms could take advantage of.  

Doyle and his team are called under the greatest secrecy to investigate the event in the mansion itself and find a solution to the problem. There, they will find all kinds of difficulties to decipher an apparently unsolvable case.  

Who has murdered Richard Weissman?  

How did he do it?  


Will news of the event reach enemy ears before they resolve the case and stop the killer?  

Doyle has only one thing clear, the murderer is still in the mansion...

Our story have 4 protagonists, they are the Royal Hounds, we invite you to know each while the mystery unfolds. Singly, each have it’s own personality and way of being, but together, our protagonists transforms in an efficent tracker force that resolve the most convoluted cases with their unique abilities. 

Can they solve the Weismann mystery?

The roster of secondary characters is hugh. Each will make you feel a different sensation and expand the information about the mystery, everyone will have importance inside the story and maybe can be a pontential suspect. 

 Who lies and who tell the truth? 

Will you be able to find the guilty in time?

We wanted to think about you patrons and create a lot of very varied rewards and at very tight prices. Everything we deliver will be Limited Edition and with exclusive design for the Kickstarted. All products are of high quality and created with great care and dedication for the enjoyment of the patrons. 

If you want to see all the rewards click here


Si quieres ver las recompensas en español, pincha aquí

We have many fantastic ideas for Royal Hounds that we would like to launch if some milestones are reached within this campaign. We put the first four, we hope you like it and we'll can celebrate it together  

The rewards of the milestones will be for all the patrons who participate in our crowfunding from the Started Pack and beyond :D  

Each physical milestone will be added to the package with your rewards, consisting in a replica of an object that appears in the novel and a complete translation of the book and the graphic novel into a new language. 

Help us to get them all!!

As to any good investor, we will explain how we will use the money we ask for this campaign, our final goal is you and that you can enjoy an incredible story and a high quality merchandising.

Caffeine Studios is the union of 3 friends with residence in Seville (Spain), each specialized in a different branch (illustration, writing and programming). The union of our skills (and a lot of coffee) opened us the possibility of realizing in our free time artistic projects with an original and different concept. Royal Hounds is our first idea, although not the only one, and we would love to share it with you. We have thought mainly about our patrons, offering a lot of amazing rewards.

Risks and challenges

On Caffeine Studios we trust that Royal Hounds: The Weismann mystery is an worth reading story and we are looking forward to you to have it on your hands. Kickstarter for us is the possibility that materialize in a short period of time all our ideas that will made of Royal Hounds a fantastic experiece.

The unique risk that have our project is the time. With the funds obtained by Kickstarter we will drastically reduce that time, thing that will not be possible without the campaing.

Our biggest challenge is to transmite to all of you our desire and illusions on this project, we want trully that you’ll can enjoy a great story, and unforgettable characters, a great dosis of mystery and awesome quality rewards. We need you.

Thanks for your support!

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