Rough-and-tumble: a 3D Horde
Rough-and-tumble: a 3D Horde

This project has already launched.

Rough-and-Tumble is a board game for your 3d printer.

Rough-and-Tumble is a board game with a new and unique game mechanic: a game of chess with hexagonal boxes.   You will choose between four teams: dwarves and orcs, from the first edition of the game ( amazons and undeads introduced in this game expansion. It's also possible to play Rough-and-Tumble with the only expansion, the two editions can be used separately from one another.


The game is featured by movement limitations, dependent on the occupied box. Every character has special abilities, making the game tricky and engaging!  

Here come some map preview. Also available in vectorial to be printed in any dimension.

Why rough-and-tumble is different?

It's not a normal board game that you buy and put on a shelf, this is a game for your 3D printer!  

 By buying this, you will receive files to print miniatures, map and markers, directly by your own 3D printers, while cozy at home!


 Why 3D?

-if you already own a 3D printer, it's cheap and also funny, you will print unique and incredible quality models.  

-If you don't own a 3D printer, it can be an opportunity to buy one! Costs for a printer are already low and accessible to anyone. You can still use a service like: 3D hub, shapeways, or any other that the net are crowding.  

-No shipping cost! Anywhere in the universe, you just download the files and print!  

-You can print it as many times as you want, for you and your friends.

-You can decide any printing dimension, from miniatures to real size titan sculptures!

- You can use these miniature for other games, as proxyes in games like ninth age or fantasy football.

3D printing: 

for a correct miniature print in 28mm scale, it's suggested a good quality printer, with at least 100micron resolution, so that all the details of the miniature are visible and the high quality of the sculptures is adequately exalted. Don't be afraid if your printers have lower specs, you can still print them giving up to some details, or print in a bigger scale, getting over the printer problem.

Attached you can find a re-sizing tutorial for the files. 

Paper game:

If you don't have any way to print the 3D miniatures, but still want to play the game, we have found a solution for you: there is also attacched a paper version of the game; so you can print the paper version while waiting for your brand new 3D printer!

Suggested for this project:


 Level 1 1€ 

back our project with 1€, you'll receive our gratitude.  

 Level 2 2€ 

Paper version of the game

 Level 3 3€ 

choose a miniature from the game and make it yours!

 Level 4 18€ 

Buy a game with one of the two teams: undeads or amazons, you'll receive also the paper version


 Level 5 29€ 

buy the game with both team of these expansion set: amazons and undeads, you'll receive also the paper version

Level 6 45€ 

buy the complete expansion with both undeads and amazons teams, including all the bonus miniatures (info in additional parts)

 Level 7 250€ 

you will not only receive all that you can find in this kickstarter, but we will be able to commission a miniature, that will be developed exclusively for you by our studios!

What's in Rough-and-Tumble

Base set:

Undeads team: 2 skeletons, a mummy, a litch, a spectre, a banshee

Amazons team: 2 soldiers, a lancer, a shaman, a mistyc, a warrior princess.

Tho markers, one each team.

Additional parts

 Kill the king

Kill the king is an add-on game mode, that makes it more engaging. With this game mode you will have two more fantastic miniatures, the skeleton gorilla king, and the queen.

 Control point

Another add-on game mode, because you can't get tired of Rough-and-Tumble! With this game mode you will have the miniature of a little tower, where you can put your miniatures, and two fantastic game dices!

Catch the hen  

Third add-on game mode, this time it's an hilarious game mode, will you catch the hen? In this pack are included two hens, one for heach faction.

Other sculptures

 Beside these fantastic sets, we include some external miniatures, not game-related, but you will surely appreciate them! 

All the following miniatures are found in the packet.





print sample from infinity 3d




Tricks and tips for 3D printing

In the last version of the game, we found some problems, reported by our customers (and excellently solved). But this time we are pushing ourselves over: not only our files are optimized for printing, but we also offers video tutorials for re-sizing, orientation and file repair.  
Crosslances suggest netfabb for the operations, free in its base version.



3D characters

Some 3d views of the statue that could be at your home soon!






Who we are:

Crosslances studios is founded by 3 artists and their commons passion for the world of games. Students at the Comics courses in Florence, made by the greebo games sculptures, they approached the world of miniatures. It has actually became a revelant studio in the world of miniatures and digital miniatures prototyping. Our products can be found in many places, we had collaborations with: Labmasu, Megalith Godslayer, Hidden Dreams, and many others

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