Roses & Roads Clothing
Roses & Roads Clothing

This project has already launched.

Conceptualized in a dusky apartment room during a long and tiresome semester in central New York, Roses & Roads established its very beginnings. Seeking to shift the current culture of fashion Michael Allen began focusing on new forms of representation.  

Cultivated through simple concepts and a clean aesthetic Roses & Roads operates as a multi-functional lifestyle brand. The goal is to deliver product that unites a minimal approach with a luxurious appeal.  

Capturing the attention of fine details as well as every day wear-ability Roses & Roads has been able to construct an organic following while providing high integrity with matching quality.  

Continuing to help define the unique identity that belongs to the people Roses & Roads offers great promise and innovative concepts in the days to come.

Seek the infinite road map, take your time. Stop & admire as you pass by. As for us, success is not a destination, but a journey. Focus on this journey, find your passions, & execute. The bliss is captured not in finishing an activity, but rather in doing it.

Our risk begins with branding. Our first and foremost goal is to create a lifestyle associated with the Roses & Roads brand. This will be achieved through our marketing campaigns. All social media outlets will align with the specific lifestyle that we are here to represent. We strive to capture the little things in life that we often overlook. We represent the journey, as it is far more enjoyable than the destination.

Another challenge we face with completing this project is the proper funding. With inadequate funding it is likely that our campaign will fall short of its maximum potential. The funding gained will be used to buy proper materials from proper manufacturers as well as add every fine detail that will separate Roses & Roads from the rest. Upon lift off we will put together our creative designs and ideas and make our garments come to life through the help of all involved!

Breakdown of funding: 
Cut & sew materials - $1,010.54 
Hem Tags - $225.00 
Hang Tags - $150.00 
Mailing Bags/Boxes - $69.60 
Adobe Illustrator/LightRoom/Photoshop- $21.00/month

All photos have been taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera ($580) that I have recently invested in and edited in Adobe products ($230.88/year).

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