Root - A robot to teach coding
Root - A robot to teach coding

This project has already launched.

Born at Harvard University, Root is on a mission to get more kids (and adults) coding. Root is a fun, easy-to-use robot which teaches coding to anyone ages four to 99. Root has over 50 sensors and actuators with which it can draw, erase, play music, explore its world, and even defy gravity by using magnetism to drive on wall mounted whiteboards — making coding activities applicable to a range of topics, social, and way more cool. Root grows coding experience with people in a familiar and consistent platform — offering years of learning opportunities rather than days. As coding skills
improve, kids advance from programming with a blocks-based graphical
interface (a child can use it even before they know how to read) to programming
with fully text-based languages like Swift, JavaScript, and Python. 

TLDR; Root is a robot that drives on walls and will last for yeas of use to teach coding to anyone.

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