Roloids | Solids of Constant Width
Roloids | Solids of Constant Width

Artistic, geometric solids that roll as smoothly as spheres. Equal parts desk ornament, kinetic art piece, and mathematical curio. Meet the Roloid.

As intriguing to the artist as they are to the mathematician, Roloids are solids that despite being non-spherical have constant width in every direction— allowing them to roll smoothly. They are derived from two-dimensional curves of constant width; meaning the diameter is constant no matter which way you orient this shape. 

These shapes are named after 19th-century German engineer Franz Reuleaux but were known to others beforehand, such as Leonardo da Vinci and designers of Gothic church windows. 

These curves are generated by joining circes centered on the points of regular or irregular convex polygons with odd numbers of sides (triangle, pentagon, heptagon) and can be rotated about a bisecting axis to create a three-dimensional solid.

Our crowdfunding mission is to produce these obscure shapes in high-quality materials such as stainless steel and copper. We have already modeled these shapes in high-fidelity in both Simplify 3D and AutoCAD softwares and are now in contact with several jobbing foundries in preparation for our Kickstarter launch (target launch is mid-November 2017). If you follow us on Prefundia you will qualify for special discounts during the Kickstarter campaign! 

These sculptures roll with pleasantly unintuitive smoothness, inspiring mindfulness and creativity in people of all ages. Perfect for artists, scientists, teachers, learners, and anyone who appreciates wonder in simplicity. 

See Reuleaux Triangles in action in this neat YouTube video from Maker's Muse:

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