Rolling with Virgil
Rolling with Virgil

Virgil is a man pursuing his version of true love across the world. On the surface, this film is a collection of music videos chronicling Virgil's odyssey. On a deeper level, it's a collaborative effort of up-and-coming artists, a passion for an idea inspired in the writer, Conrad Shaw, by the group The Dirty Urchins to tell a story in a way that stories haven't been told. It is a film that is simultaneously dark, funny, tragic, and inspiring. It challenges the concept of what love actually is and even what a film should be. It is a hybrid of genres we call a Music Film. 

Music Film: A postmodern cross between a silent film and a series of music videos. It's a dramatic narrative that tells its story using only music and lyrics along with the visual action. 

Basically, this means there is no dialogue in the film. There are a couple exceptions to this rule, of course, since rules were made to be broken, but the vast majority of the film is set solely to the inspiring work of The Dirty Urchins. It's an original story conceived as an interpretation of their songs, seen through a heavily-stylized lens. 

It's edgy, it's new, it's ambitious, it's bold, it's collaborative, and we hope you agree that it deserves support.

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