RolleR MuG - a Rainbow MuG and an Anti-stress Toy all in one
RolleR MuG - a Rainbow MuG and an Anti-stress Toy all in one

This project has already launched.

We wanted to create a product that would be useful and enjoyable to use. After all, today each of us is experiencing a lot of difficulties in our life, there must be more things that help us to relax and cheer up, and our mug is just created for this. This is a circle that you always want to take with you because it is useful and you do not want to let it out of your hands, you can scroll these rings endlessly - you will never get tired of it.

RolleR MuG - this is our vision of how should look a cool mug for the young, creative and cheerful people. 

 It is attractive design in seven luscious rainbow colors will make you feel better on even the dullest day – while the coffee fills you with warmth and good cheer!   

But that`s still not all !

It is cooler than just a  spinner. The RolleR MuG isn’t just a cup: you hold an antistress toy in your hand. Try: combine the colors of the rainbow, twist the colored rings and make your own patterns. Enhance your coffee break. Relax and think nice thoughts! 

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