Writing with a pen and paper. Whiteboarding on a real, big whiteboard.  Sometimes, nothing beats the real thing.

But when you want to to capture and share your ideas, you need to use a technology interface.  Or do you?

Rocketboard let's you use your natural favorite writing surfaces, but it adds digital powers, without getting in your way.

For example, say you want to whiteboard with someone who is elsewhere.  Without Rocketboard, you'd have a few options:

  • "Drawing" in tablet or desktop applications.  
  • Using special hardware, such as Interactive Whiteboards

With Rocketboard, all you do is:

  • Use a regular whiteboard with normal dry erase markers
  • Draw a little triangle in each corner of your whiteboard.
  • Start up the Rocketboard App on your mobile phone or tablet, and position your device so it's camera can see the whiteboard.
  • Give your friends a link, like, and they follow along in real-time as you draw.

To make this possible Rocketboard's algorithms work their magic, to:

  • Detect the 4 triangles you drew, so it knows your whiteboard corners.  It applies Computer Vision algorithms to corrects for perspective, to present a perfect rectangle.
  • Adjust for shadows and remove glare
  • Make the white perfectly white and make your marker colors really "pop."
  • Removes you from the image, since you are in the way much of the time, and it reveals what you drew as soon as you step aside.
  • Streams an excellent view of your whiteboard in real-time, so anyone with a web browser can follow along.

Really?  It's just not the same.  And that's why we made

Go ahead, erase.  Rocketboard captured everything.

Want to see your ideas after you've erased your whiteboard?  Browse your Rocketboard archives.  Rocketboard even syncs with your favorite services like Evernote, Dropbox, Chatter, Yammer, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

What we've built already

We've alread built the core technology, and a successful Beta product running on an iOS devices with over 100 users.  The current product provides live sharing of your whiteboard with an excellent visual view and fast streaming.  We have overcome the major hurdles and can confidently say that there is no technical risk left to the project.

What we need to do next, and why we need your help

Now we need to add the features that you would expect from a complete solution, so you can:

  • Save your whiteboard sessions and images to view them later
  • Keep your sessions and images private and share them with password protection.
  • Create and schedule multiple, separate sessions.
  • Experience Rocketboard with a thoughtfully designed user interface

We also invite you to influence which other cool capabilities we focus on next. With your feedback and votes, we will add cool features such as:

  • Character recognition, so you can search 
  • Shape transformation.  E.g. when you draw a square, we transform it into a perfect square.
  • Document conversion, so we produce documents you can bring into applications like PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator (vector), Visio, etc. 
  • Save and sync with the apps you already use, such as Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, etc.
  • Automatically capture the best snapshots of your board, by detecting when you've made major erasures.
  • Audio
  • Recording and movie playback, so you can capture and share like online lessons
  • "Desk mode" to ensure Rocketboard works properly when you rest your device above your desk, pointing down to paper.  
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