Robottery 101 - The Giant Robot Building Card Game!
Robottery 101 - The Giant Robot Building Card Game!

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Welcome to Robottery 101, a card game about building giant robots at space college to dazzle your anime professors at the annual Robot Science Fair!   

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This game has been a passion project for us for almost a year now, starting when we all met in college. We've playtested the game with more than a hundred people, traveled to hobby stores to demo it, and spent countless midnights together tweaking the design and art. We love this game, and we’d love to share it with you.


Michelle, our lead, has dreamed of being a game director for a long time, so she's incredibly excited (and a teensy bit nervous) at the prospect of Kickstarting this game she's poured so much time, effort, and unwavering excitement into.

So, we're very excited to present to you our finished product!


As college students ourselves, we know the stress of deadlines - but when you’re surrounded with friends, bits, bolts, and screwdrivers (and when those deadlines involve building giant, shiny robots), something magical happens, and you get to experience the joy of building something you're proud of.

When designing Robottery 101, we aimed to promote collaboration in a competitive game through the joy of creativity and progress. Seeing your hard work evolve over the course of a semester is deeply rewarding!



  • You really build a robot! Tactile construction with unique cards allows for customization and lets you give your robot some personality. 
  • 30 unique limb cards allow for endless combinations of colors and pieces on your robot!
  • 15 unique professors create a game filled with colorful, exciting art! With over 50 combinations of professor cards (plus even MORE if 3 people back $150!)
  • In-game economy and diplomacy creates a unique social dynamic!

Fantastic for both kids and adults, Robottery 101 emphasizes the values of building and bonding, bringing players together in an experience that’ll leave a smile on your face while you admire your colorful robot creations. So get your toolbox ready, spin up your power drill, and get ready for an upbeat robot science fair where you can appreciate robots for robots’ sake!


 Want to watch a full playthrough? Check out our video here!


It's the year 4000.... The sounds of whirring drills, buzzing saws, and massive metal footsteps fill the student workshop. That can mean only one thing: it's time for the Giant Robot Science Fair!


In this high-energy set-collection card game, collect robot pieces from across the galaxy, collaborate with your peers, and scheme against your rivals to create the coolest robot you can for the University of Robottery's annual science fair!


For a full PDF of the Robottery 101 rules, click here!

Four players are engineering students at the University of Robottery who build giant robots for the annual Robot Science Fair. Whichever student builds the most impressive robot wins the game. Each turn you will travel to planets across the galaxy to collect parts you want for your robot, represented by Limb cards. 


Limb cards have two qualities - color and body part. They connect together to form complete robot limbs. You attach robot parts to your core in an anatomically correct way - example, you need an upper arm already on your robot to place a lower arm on as well. If you cannot attach a part to your robot, it goes in your inventory. There are also head cards that add additional point values to your robot.

Limb cards connect to make a full arm! 
Limb cards connect to make a full arm!

Professors will want to see certain combinations of limb cards for the professor to favor your robot. Each professor has a certain number of gears indicating how many points they are worth. 


Every two turns, your class convenes for a Study Session, during which you can trade any parts you have collected with the other three players. During this time, you may attempt to steal parts from other robots through a sabotage. To attempt this, role an eight sided die to see if your professors catch you cheating - sabotage gets increasingly harder as the semester progresses and due date approaches. If you succeed, you replace a part on their robot with the same kind of part from your robot or inventory. 


The game ends after eight turns, and the professors judge whatever robot you have built over the semester.




 If you'd like an additional copy of Robottery 101, add $22 to your pledge and we'll include it in your rewards!! Message us for how many copies you intended to receive with your pledge.


Our stretch goals are meant to improve the print quality of the game for all backers as well as provide some digital rewards to everyone who has supported the project.

Reach the first two goals to unlock the third! 
Reach the first two goals to unlock the third!



We consider your support of us and our game a quid pro quo arrangement, so we have tried to make every dollar you pledge as cost effective as possible! 91% of every contribution goes toward direct game costs.

Here is exactly where the money goes:  


We set our Kickstarter goal at $3000 so we could print and ship at least 101 copies of Robottery 101. We’ve partnered with The Game Crafter to manufacture the game and manage reward fulfillment to help us accomplish this. Above all, we want the game in as many hands as possible, and any dollar over goes directly to producing more and better quality copies!


We're really excited that we get to ship our game to customers around the world! Since our manufacturer is based out of Wisconsin, shipping costs will be different for backers outside of the United States than those inside.


Robottery 101 started as Michelle’s personal project “Space Junk,” a cooperative puzzle board game where two aliens use space junk and salvaged blueprints to construct a giant mech. When Will played the game, he was filled with childlike excitement at how cool it felt to build a robot. Michelle and Will partnered up to make a game that aims to produce that same excitement, and they asked Rachel to add her skills of photography and web design. Since then, generating wonder, excitement, and joy is at the forefront of our design. More than anything, the three of us are hoping to make great games that inspire people’s passion and excitement.   

As a team, we’ve spent many weekends wearing professor lab coats and getting pumped to Gurren Lagann music to give us strength during crunchtime. After countless late nights in our college’s game design building with bowls of ramen and passion in our hearts, we are very happy with our results. We hope you feel the same joy building these robots as we do!


Thank you to everyone who made this development possible - our professors, our friends, and our gracious playtesters. It takes a village to make a board game, and we couldn't have done it without you!

And most importantly, thank you for checking out our game! It's been a crazy development process, and we are really proud of the end result. We're really excited for you all to play Robottery 101, and we hope you guys are as excited to build giant robots as we are to see what you build! 

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Click the banner to go to our website!

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