Robotius, the  first video-marketplace for tech products
Robotius, the first video-marketplace for tech products

This project has already launched.

We help people discover and buy cutting-edge technologies through the first and unique video-marketplace,


About this project

Robotius connects people and technologies but we are not a standard marketplace; we are the first video-marketplace that gives priority to video content over photos - video is the future. We also help people discover cutting-edge technologies through our unique Discover button.


Our Story

Robotius' story started a few months ago when Carles, the founder, wanted to explore the latest tech products that had been developed and saw himself spending hours in front of a computer looking at reviews, websites and blogs. Not only that was completely inefficient and time-consuming but it didn't really created a desire to buy the products as all reviews are always biased. 

We started then exploring the trends in consumer behaviour and discovered that people want to experience a product and, if they can't, they want to see videos - lots of them. 

So we decided that Robotius would be the first video-marketplace. Through Robotius, you are not only able to discover and buy new cutting-edge products, but you are also able to write & read reviews from other customers while getting immersed in the video that shows the product. 


Our Mission - Changing the Way People Shop by Providing an Immersive Experience

Robotius' mission is to change the way we all shop by giving an immersive experience about a product before we buy it while giving companies a better conversion rate. 

Traditional marketplaces do not incorporate the two key elements for millennials: 

  • Video content
  • Discover products functionality

Robotius, however, is natively built to give priority to video content and allow people to discover products they may not know.


How Robotius Works

It's easy. People can go to, explore & discover products, watch videos and make purchases. The company selling the product will ship your purchase and you will then receive it as usual. Robotius does not want any middleman on the platform and all products are sold either by the product creator or by Robotius itself. We are constantly checking products and seller accounts but If you find that a product is sold by a third party, please let us know through the contact email:


The Plan

We started working on Robotius in April and we officially launched in September. Since then, we have seen an incredible growth and we would like to keep growing and expanding the platform. 

The £5,000 goal will be used to fund growth, increase our product range and start designing Robotius 2.0.


The Founder

Carles' background is in banking and tech companies. He spent the last 2 years building the UK operations for Uber until he decided to leave everything to fully focus on building Robotius.


Media & Press

Please send your inquiries to 


Risks and challenges

Let's face it, we all end up buying products from the same places. This is a positive thing because we buy from a company we trust and, at the same time, a negative thing because we miss out on products that we have no idea they exist.

Our main challenge is to change the way people shop. Some people shop on Amazon or Ebay because the traditional approach works for them; Others shop on those platforms because there is nothing better. Come to Robotius if you want to discover & buy new things and help us build the future of marketplaces.

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