ROBOT RISE! Embrace Your Inner Mad Scientist
ROBOT RISE! Embrace Your Inner Mad Scientist

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ROBOT RISE! is the card game of mad scientists battling for domination. In the game, you are a mad scientist trying to destroy the secret lairs of your opponents before they destroy yours. Build giant robots and use a variety of fiendish weapons and amazing technology to attack and defend. In a pinch, you can even form a temporary alliance with another player to help take out a common opponent.


The Ministry of Discord, a secret alliance of arch-villains and scoundrels who strive to terrorize humanity and take over the world, is recruiting! Following the unfortunate (and messy) demise of its founder, Professor Heinrich von Untergang (who “accidentally” fell into his own giant vat of acid), the organization just announced it has an opening for one new member. Each player is a freelance mad scientist hoping and scheming to claim that coveted seat at The Ministry of Discord by eliminating all the rival mad scientists (players) in the game…by any means necessary.

The ROBOT RISE! box contains 108 cards -- 18 secret lair cards and a 90-card play deck (see cards below) -- a full-color rulebook, and organizer insert.

Cards will be US poker-sized (2.5" x 3.5") and high quality. Production box will be roughly 6.5" x 4.5" x 1.4"; the design shown is preliminary and may change in size and/or to incorporate additional illustrations, certifications, extraterrestrial declarations of war, barcodes, etc.

Watch our how-to-play video, read through a summary of gameplay, or download the full rulebook and print & play below. Or do all three!

Gameplay Summary

ROBOT RISE! begins with each player having three secret lairs and a hand of cards. Each player’s turn consists of taking one action (playing a card or set of cards) and executing the effects of that action. A player's turn ends by drawing a card (or cards) to replenish their hand, with play then moving to the left. The last player to have any secret lairs remaining wins the game.

Actions consist of lethal attacks, which can destroy opponents' lairs, nuisance attacks, which don't, and playing utility cards, which help players in unique and valuable ways. When a player is attacked in any way, a defense card can be played to avoid the attack's harmful effects. If a player is subjected to a lethal attack and cannot (or chooses not to) use one of the various defense cards, one of the player's secret lairs is destroyed (the card is flipped over). Once a player's third secret lair is destroyed, the player is out of the game (this tends to happen late in the game, so downtime is minimal).

Giant robots are constructed in players' hands of HeadBody Legs cards and deployed only when needed. A fully armed and operational giant robot can be used to lethally attack another player or as defense against another player's attack. Once used, giant robots retire to the discard pile.

If a player has at least two of the three parts needed to form a giant robot (e.g., Head and Legs cards), a temporary alliance can be requested to secure the third part. In this example, a player would request an alliance to supply the missing Body card. Other players who have the requested card can choose to offer it up. If theirs is selected, they draw a replacement card and the player who owns the now fully formed giant robot can send it off to attack any other player in the game. Alliances are available whenever there are at least three players in the game.

Event cards affect the player (or all players, depending on the event) as soon as they are drawn. Check out the rulebook for complete rules.


Note that this Print&Play is full-color, but low-resolution. If you'd like the high-quality version, simply back the campaign at any pledge level.


More reviews coming soon...

Stretch goals will be revealed when the project approaches its funding goal.

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What does "friendly" shipping mean for this project? Backers in those countries or regions should expect to receive their games without having to pay additional taxes, tariffs, or fees. Backers in Canada will be receiving their copies from abroad, but we will do what we can to minimize the taxes due upon arrival.

We love all the friendly local game stores who put their faith in Kickstarter projects and try to bring new games to their customers as quickly as possible, so we want to offer some truly compelling options for you.

  • The SMALL BUNDLE includes 6 copies of ROBOT RISE! -- 5 for re-sale plus one FREE demo copy -- for $50 + shipping. 
  • The BIG BUNDLE includes 12 copies of ROBOT RISE! -- 11 for re-sale plus one FREE demo copy -- for $99 + shipping.

To secure your access to one of these bundles, back at the $1 level and then contact us to verify your status. Retail copies of ROBOT RISE! will be identical to those received by individual backers. 

Both bundles offer sizable discounts off the $19 MSRP and will be available to verified brick-and-mortar retailers in the US, the EU, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Amounts pledged here in the campaign will be credited towards your future order, which will be handled directly closer to product availability in early 2018. 

Please email us at We want to help you make your customers as happy as possible.

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A Brief History of ROBOT RISE!  We started working on the game that would become ROBOT RISE! in late 2015. Inspired by those old children’s board books where you could make different combinations of types of people (for example, the legs of a nurse with the body of a firefighter and the head of a clown), the basic concept of building up giant robots a piece at a time was conceived. 

Quickly, we placed it in the context of mad scientists battling each other and the core game was born. Imagine a malevolent, crazy-haired inventor putting the last touches on a giant automaton death machine, standing back, throwing her arms in the air, and yelling "Robot...RISE!"

Over the next 18 months and many, MANY structured rounds of development and playtesting with over 150 different people, we refined the rules, added interesting new cards, and shaped it into a truly delightful and enjoyable game. 

And that is what we hope you will back via this campaign.

Happy Harpy Games is a family company that designs, develops, and publishes great board and card games for consumers and educational simulation games for institutions. We're located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Happy Harpy Games consists of:

  • Craig Froehle, PhD has long enjoyed playing games of every sort, from RPGs to social card games. As a university research professor with degrees in engineering and business, he spends a lot of his time figuring out puzzles of all kinds. Craig leads game design, development, and takes care of pretty much every other aspect of the business.  
  • Sam Froehle (12) is a big fan of family and party games, especially Sushi Go!, Guillotine, trivia games, Scrabble, and Dixit. When she's not playing or doing homework, she's probably practicing guitar or drawing. Sam is primarily involved in game design.  
  • Colin Froehle (9) loves games, both board and video. His favorites (so far) include Mancala, Mars 04:45, Monopoly, and Mario Kart (except the blue shells!). Practicing taekwondo and playing soccer keep him from sitting too long. Colin engages in game design.  
  • Lori Aronson, MD prefers non-confrontational games, abstracts, and word games, but most of her time is spent taking care of sick kids as a pediatric anesthesiologist. Lori provides game design input and helps keep the rest of us from going too far down the wrong paths.  

Due much credit and appreciation:

Finally, even though our part in the intro video above is short, filming it generated a ridiculous amount of blooper footage. Feel free to check out this short compilation, which is mostly just the kids laughing at Craig.

Happy Harpy Games is a proud member of the IGA
Happy Harpy Games is a proud member of the IGA
Track this project from its beginning on Kicktraq!
Track this project from its beginning on Kicktraq!


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