RoboL-Nex : World's first Physically Programmable Robot
RoboL-Nex : World's first Physically Programmable Robot

RoboL-Nex - Inspire Creativity with Fun!

We bring you World's’s first’s physically programmable Robot with a set of most amazing and unique games you have ever played. Robo-L tricks learning with fun. Detecting touch, walls, rain, sound and light it brings Robot personification to a new level. These Games are designed to inspire Logic Creation. Starting with simple programs the Kids develop a specific skill set to create logic, developing complex programs on their own as they proceed. Have a look at these Robo-L perks.

Improves Problem solving Skills in Children : Kids develop the ability to create parallel solutions while playing with Robol-Nex.

Robol-Nex at Bangalore Mini Makers Faire.

Introducing Physical Programming : Interact with Rora using World’s first Physical Programming Language. All the commands are written in simple plain English on identical wooden blocks called coins. These coins when placed in order form the Program.

Simplest Programming Language : The programming interface is so simple it can be operated by Kids as young as 7 years. The Programming is as easy as writing sentences using the words written on the coins. Rora, the Bot then interprets the sentences and executes the programs in real time.

Away from the harmful Radiation of Screens : The Physical Programming interface uses no screens. It proves to be a much better alternative for Mobiles and Tablets which emitt high energy blue radiation.

Best way to learn Coding : Robol-Nex is designed to interact with Kids like a friend and there is only one way to talk with this friend called Programs.

Introducing Rora, The Hero of Robol-Nex

Humans have got 5 senses Rora have got 5 too. Rora is equipped with 5 electronic sensors and has a textured, wooden body. She will sing for you on your Birthday,
wake you up in the morning, reminds you that its time for your favorite cartoon and plays with you like your Best Friend. Each sensor can be used individually to perform Simple tasks as well as together for complex tasks. 

Wall Sensor - Rora will never crash unless you tell her to. She is equipped with wall sensors which can sense the wall before touching it.

Rain Sensor- Rora has got Rain sensors on her head. So the next time you are running away from dripping Rain she will run with you too.

Light Sensor - In older times Roosters used to give the wakeup call, Now Its Rora . Rora can detect light and for a simple program WHEN LIGHT THEN BUZZ you can turn her in to perfect Morning Alarm, It will only start buzzing when the sunlight enters your Room.

Touch Sensor - Rora is designed to recognize your touch. Just start any Program with WHEN TOUCH Coins and she will execute the program the as soon as someone touches it. Best Example WHEN TOUCH THEN BUZZ and your Buddy will inform you if someone touches her without your Permission.

Sound Sensor -  Rora could feel sound. You can Program her to find its way back to you whenever you clap. When you want your her to appear Just Clap.

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Steps to Play and Learn :

Step 1. Think  of an Activity

Step 2.  Switch on Rora and the Slate. 

Step 3. Talk to Rora : Tell Rora what to do and how to do it by placing the relevant coins in the slate. (Refer to Manual provided with Robol-Nex Boxset and see how you can talk to Rora)

Step 4. Slide the Scanner to send the instructions to Rora.

Step 5. Rora will accomplish the work as you command.


Meet the Alliance

RoboL-Nex has 3 Buddies to help You Play : SLATE  | COINS | RORA 


Coins- There are 35 single units with one specified function written on the top. These units are rectangular wooden chips with a specific function written on it, like WHEN, THEN, FOR, BUZZ, FORWARD etc.  These units are used to write the Program. You just have to think of a task and use the coins to tell Rora how you want it to perform the task.


Slate  – Slate is the Brain of RoboL-Nex. It is the place where we tell the Robot What to do. Here we write the functions we want the Robot to perform. Using physical coins we can tell the Robot what we want it to do by simply inserting the specific coins and sliding tthe scanner from left to right.

Rora - The Robot is confined with two Motors that receive Info via RF Transmitters. Robo-L is equipped with LEDs, IRs and Rain & Touch sensors to provide a responsive and active environment.  The transmitter receives signals from the Slate which is physically programmed by Inserting Specified coins into the Slots.

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1st Prototype is being introduced to Kids at a Play Schools.

Kids as young as 3 years found Rora Fascinating.

Lots of development going on in background for different wood, electronics and Programs to make sure we deliver quality product to our backers! 

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