RoboGuts™ Kits
RoboGuts™ Kits

This project has already launched.

People say that manufacturing has moved to other lands ...

We are here to help close the gap manufacturing teaching the manufacturing process in elementary and middle schools with RoboGuts™ Kits.

Our aim is to engaged young children in learning the manufacturing process by actually manufacturing their own toys.

Truly understanding the basic steps of manufacturing comes from hands-on practice and the RoboGuts™ Kits make this so easy children in elementary school can get started and by middle school they become intermediate Roboteers, Inventors and Makers.


The RoboGuts™ "BlackBoard"

Starting with the RoboGuts™ circuit board the student learns how to make different kinds of circuits using the lesson jumper wire images and program listings creating a real usable circuit board for a myriad of home hobby projects such as toys for young children, animatronics, light shows and other innovative creations.
Learning how to use phonemes to add sound effects, speech and even singing in any language using the SpeakJet audio synthesizer and audio amplifer but still maintaining a smaller footprint than an Arduino UNO circuit board.

This makes small toy building so much fun young children become totally engaged in learning all they can about what it takes to make their own toys ... and they're making the toys themselves!

Using the Phrase-A-Lator Development Kit the student learns how to use phonemes to add sound effects, speech and even singing in any language using the PC software and audio synthesizer chip. This kit makes speech and song development much easier for multiple projects.

I was hand soldering the prototype RoboGuts™ circuit boards, but now have the RoboGuts™ "BlackBoard" factory fabricated and assembled in volume and this sharply lowers the price.
The final design is sitting at a factory ready to bang'm out as fast as needed.

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