Roast Party Game
Roast Party Game

This project has already launched.

Roast Party is an online party game that you can play with your friends! The goal of Roast Party is to write creative roasts on the pictures submitted by other players. After roasts are submitted players will then vote on their favorite roasts anonymously. The player with the most votes wins! Make sure to upload a funny picture of yourself to ensure a fun time!

Roast Party came into thought on December 1st 2017, originally a different concept, where users would guess what roast was about which player. December 4th is when "Roast Party" got it's name, and after brainstorming within the group, it grew into a more cohesive idea. This new idea was based around players uploading pictures of themselves, and each player anonymously roasting each individuals photo. Players then choose which "Roast" they find the funniest, and votes are tallied at the end to determine the winner. The game was tested with a group of friends, an inflow of ideas of how to improve the game, and Roast Party had officially started to come together. We see Roast Party as a way for groups of friends, or even strangers, to come together in a game of witty and even dirty roast sessions. The game since has been ever evolving, with the start of the Unity Version beginning on the 19th of December.

With the launch of our kickstarter we are releasing a demo for you to test! If you are uncertain of whether or not this project is for you go ahead and download the game to see what you think! Currently, the demo does not have public open lobby support so you will need to play with people that you know. 

Keep in mind that this a primitive demo with only basic core features. We will be adding many more game-modes, content, sounds, and features in the coming weeks. Try out our basic demo and let us know what you think!

Demo Link

Roast Party 
We plan to have many game modes for Roast Party! The core game mode will be the traditional format of posting an image of yourself and allowing your friends to submit their roasts. Players will vote on their favorite roasts and the player with the most points wins the game.

Roast Me 
This is the best mode for players who want to play solo. In the "Roast Me" mode players will be able to submit a picture of themselves to be stored in the public directory of players. Over time other players playing the mode will submit roasts and the best roasts will be up-voted. 

GIF Roasts (Planned) 
All players submit an image of themselves to roast. Instead of using written roasts players will be able to search GIFs to enter as a roast. Players vote on their favorite GIF. 

Roast Randos (Planned) 
For those players too timid to submit images of themselves we plan to have a mode that pulls from a public directory of images. Each player will submit roasts on these random images. 

Other Gamemodes
We will be taking feedback from the community. We encourage followers of Roast Party to submit ideas and criticism to help shape the game.  


Funding Breakdown
Funding Breakdown


 -Add GIF responses to Unity Game
 -Add image responses to Unity Game 
 -Audience voting on roasts

 -Add support for iOS/Android (Unity)  
 -Many additional gamemodes 

 -Add support for Xbox/PS (Unity) 
 -Many additional gamemodes

come have a blast in roast party!
come have a blast in roast party!



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