Road & Ribbon - Custom Handlebar Tape
Road & Ribbon - Custom Handlebar Tape

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At first glance, handlebars might seem like an afterthought. But we believe it’s the perfect start and arguably the most intimate connection between a human and their bicycle. The goal is individuality, all while building your tribe. Clout is one thing, but being authentic on and off the road is what matters most.


*available with the Cycling Event Deal and Corporate Deal 


Our handlebar tape is meant to redefine the way we connect with our bike, without compromising its essential features. We selected the highest quality materials and worked with the best suppliers there is to ensure that our product exceeds the standards you are used to.




Installing our handlebar tape could not be any easier, thanks to the 3M adhesive at the back of the handlebar tape. Follow these 3 steps and you will be ready to ride with style within 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can have it done at your local shop for a few bucks.

















We are two young professionals who share a passion for cycling and design. Maya is a sport nutritionist and triathlete living in Quebec City. Based in Montreal, Kevin comes from a business background and loves road cycling. 

We are supported by a team of amazing people helping us in different areas of the project. Together, we spent countless hours over the past year to create these unique handlebar tape designs. We elaborated our own designs, looked for the best supplier and also made new friends along the way.

And then there is you... We now need your help to spread the word, create more designs and make this project a living story. Merci !



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