RISEN : Inexpensive, Sustainable Space Burials
RISEN : Inexpensive, Sustainable Space Burials


Risen Space launch space burials to bring an affordable, memorial burial to everyone

Monday, July 18, 2016 - How can families and friends afford burials for their loved ones when the face of how cemeteries handle remains is changing? England has introduced re-burials, where the same plot will hold multiple remains, New Zealand will be burying vertically, some countries are on a timed hire rate and Hong Kong is contemplating an artificial island, the world is running out of space for burials. Add on the rising expense of a funeral and we have a lot of families not being able to afford to bury their loved ones.

The world has been running out of burial space for years, placing large amounts on pressure not only on the industry but more importantly on families and friends. Expenses have risen, plots are becoming a limited time resource instead of an eternal resting place, superannuation and insurance companies are running rampant with policies for those who can least afford them. More and more commonly are loved ones being left with councils and agencies due to not being able to afford the funeral expenses. The time is now for all of us to meet the challenge of affordable, environmentally sustainable and permanent burials for everyone.

RISEN have created a solution to the challenges being faced because we believe that a burial should be affordable to everyone, everywhere.

With our launch partners we will launch the cremated remains of loved ones into space where they will orbit the earth before re-entering through the atmosphere, becoming a shooting star. Families will receive a capsule with a small amount of the ashes and we have created a virtual memorial where family and friends can upload photos and videos to visit at any time to honour the memory of their departed.

They are launching a crowd-funding campaign to acquire launch capabilities and facilities, hire employees and to start further research and development to expand the operations to other commercial capabilities, bringing Queensland into a major player in the space industry. https://igg.me/at/risenspace

Future development will see launching of commercial payloads, defense projects, hypersonic courier service for sensitive packages (medical, disaster relief, scientific) and space tourism.

Our Corporate office will be based in Virginia, Brisbane, Queensland. For further details and interviews, contact Paul Francis on the below:

Warmest Regards,

Paul Francis CPP, dip in Physics

CEO Risen Space

T:   +61402886470
W:  www.burial.risen.space

E: enquiries@risen.space
FB: https://www.facebook.com/risenspace/
T:   @RisenSpace1

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