Rich Snippets Magento Extension by FMEAddons
Rich Snippets Magento Extension by FMEAddons

This project has already launched.

Rich snippets Magento extension by FMEAddons is used to structure the data of product pages and display more details of products in Google snippets. It communicates the Google search engine about 13 types of useful details regarding products. And Google considers your product pages more relevant and rank your product pages. 

Customers read the useful product details such as price, review, and come to your website when find your product more relevant.
Rich Snippets Plugin for Magento allows you to display following data in Google snippets

•    Name
•    Breadcrumbs
•    SKU
•    URL
•    Image
•    Description
•    Price
•    Currency
•    Stock Status
•    Brand and its product attribute
•    Product color and its attribute
•    Product weight and its attribute
•    Reviews

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