Rhythm Ring
Rhythm Ring

RHYTHM RING is a wearable technology device that is an MP3 with a SD card which will allow the consumer to upload music and control it easily via a form fitting and aesthetically appealing finger sleeve with interwoven controllers. RHYTHM allows users the ability to change song selection with the simple touch of a finger. This provides a great convenience when working out or performing an activity in which both hands are needed. The device will sync seamlessly with other Bluetooth equipment such as headphones.

Have a look at amazing video for this Wearable device:

The major ingredient that makes a jogging or exercise session worthwhile is the presence of a soothing environment along with relaxing music. However, while a person is jogging, it becomes extremely difficult to shuffle and change the track they feel listening to, without hindering their workout. This problem shall not persist anymore, for the ultimate music navigating solution for joggers is here, in the form of the Rhythm Ring. This device serves to be an amazingly light, compact and comfortable product, great for everyday use during jogging exercises facilitating the jogger to run a few extra miles with ease. 

                              COMING SOON ON INDIEGOGO

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