RFID Wristband Cashless Park Ticket
RFID Wristband Cashless Park Ticket

This project has already launched.

We live in a age where people are willing to spend more and more time get together in a theme park or take part in a festival event, sometimes take family go to the seaside park. With the trend of an increase in population, tickets of those places are going to be the major factor in what you experience there, security and access control becoming the most important and sensitive aspect of visitors enjoying themselves.
Most theme parks and event holder realized this question, starts implementing to their ticket structure with changes. From original paper ticket to smart card and till now RFID wristbands, which brought a substantial change in the way we looked forward to nowadays theme park vacations, we can say good bye to pulling out our wallet when we want to buy ice cream in the seaside park, just wave our wristbands on the checkout station. We can through out the key of our storage box instead of worry about missing key when we swimming. What’s you should do is enjoy the whole time just wear the RFID wristband cashless ticket and make any consumption just wave your wristband.Sustainable Smart Wristband
Let’s see how to do that!
Before 30 days of your vacation, or even longer, you can buy the ticket online, submit your name, phone number, the theme park will encode your information in the chip of wristband then mail to you, you can recharge on the website when you receive it. once your vacation is coming, just take the RFID wristband ticket go straight to the theme park without wasting any time to queue up to buy ticket, you will find you are so luck when you pass by the long queue, vacation is limited but you make full use of it and did not miss out on those good times to ride your favorite rides.
If you already have the RFID wristband ticket, what you need to do is only log in the theme park website, and recharge, how lucky you are, sometimes you can get discount or get a souvenir.
You may be curious about why does theme park cost a lot to implement so many equipment to realize cashless environment park? Firstly and the most important is give their customers better experience, secondly, they can band to clients with this small wristband.
When you buy this ticket online first time, theme park get your name and phone number even address, they can send you message when some facilities imported, which invite you to come to the park to try a new game, will you eager to go there to try it? When your total consumption up to $500, they will mail a gift to your home for free, would you expect the next gift? On the other hand, you are keeping the RFID wristband with the theme park logo, which reminder you the happy time in the park, you are definitely to go there again.
So we have to say the small RFID wristband must be win-win solution for the theme park and visitors.

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