RFID Tracking system used in Production Line
RFID Tracking system used in Production Line

This project has already launched.

Furniture manufacturer adopted UHF rfid labels which insert in board for tracking during the production line. Use RFID tracking system with readers along side machines, once product pass by the reader, reader can get the information in the label, automatic choose the process craft to finish the requirement as customized.

Some manufacturer will customize as client’s requirement from style, color, decorates, size, and material, each furniture would be different with others with 10-20 kinds of factors, if all by human to set the machine data sheet, would be easy mix with each others and waste much time. If by machine, everything would become easy.rfid tracking

The machine will put board with which RFID label inside on the conveyor, on each connector there is a reader to manage boards which way it should go, according to the label data setting, only match the reader set can be allowed to pass.

In the past, workers should set data by hand to choose the craft and put the board on the right craft process. Time lost and mistakes happened during the transfer.

Now manufacturer changed to automatic, produce all by machine to realize mass production with less labor cost and time. Only need engineer encode the requirements into the chip set, usually use Impinj Monza 4, information like Production of components, the style of screw and hinge, the color which clients’ choose and so on.

Once the board has been transferred near the reader, reader will get the data from the chip, and transfer to ERP system to update the process, record the specification and time, the following readers will check if it’s accomplished crafts and more sure no mistake, anything not match the reader data, a ring will alarm. All details and process are monitored by a production manager just sitting in front of computer.

With this rfid tracking system, furniture manufacturer can improve efficient at the same time low down the cost due to reduce labor cost, also minimize mistakes during production line. This would be a good news to both producer and buyer.

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