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When you are going to buy cigarette, wine, or any high-value goods, have you ever hesitate, or be afraid of buying fake?

If you are supplier of high-value goods you must expressing your unwillingness for your clients bought fake products, you must hate the duplicators damaged your reputation.

Let’s imagine that you are a fan of red wine, you cost a lot to buy one, when you open it,find the taste is not right,you will talk with the agent, maybe they even do not why this happen. and they will not send back the money to you because the wine already open. this things happen may hurt both client and agent,let think about it if there is an identification stands for the original one, before people buy, distributors and agents scan the tag with matched reader, they can show the details information of the red wine.rfid sticker

Add the rfid sticker in the production line, with fragile paper and sticker on the opening, there is a UID number in each tag, recorded in the system, once the wine being open, the rfid sticker damaged, UID number invalid, will not work any more. the wine manufacturer can make encryption for the reader and tag, only use their own reader can get the information of the tag, to avoid others duplicate their tags.also this anti-fake label can be used for management during production and distribution. when distributors and agents buy red wine, they can get the reader, and check those wine’s details information, to make sure they get quality goods, when clients come to buy, they can scan the tag to show it for clients. also clients can get the UID number to check on the Internet. in this way, make quality goods’ security from production to end customers.

With the rich functionality, security labels are also used to protect high-value goods or easily counterfeited items such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and other consumer goods. The security measures may be overt, visible to the human eye, or covert, view-able only via special equipment.

1) Seal the deal with one time use labels

One time use labels are often used as package seals.Because they are impossible to transfer to other packages, these anti-tamper labeling solutions provide a powerful deterrent to theft and re-labeling.

2) Stop theft in its tracks

Anti-counterfeiting labels serve as a powerful proof of authenticity for the simple reason that they are difficult to reproduce. Specific properties and features are incorporated into the label face materials which are unique to each manufacturer.

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