RFID Metro Tokens and Cards
RFID Metro Tokens and Cards

This project has already launched.

Everyday people go to work or back home usually take metro, there are two kinds of tickets, single-ride tokens and multi-journey cards.metro-tokens

Single-ride Tokens

Tokens can be purchased from the on-station ticket office or obtained via the self-service Ticket Vending Machine installed at each Metro station. There is no security deposit for obtaining single-ride tokens, however, the applicable fare has to be deposited at the ticket office or TVM to obtain tokens. Choose the station you want to arrive, pay the cost of what was you choose.

Tokens are to be tapped at the entry turnstile on the platform, retained during the journey, and deposited into the exit turnstile while exiting the platform.

Multi-Journey Metro Cards

The Metro Cards are durable, credit-card sized, and based on secure RFID technology. These cards can be purchased from the ticket office at each Metro Station, People with valid Metro cards with adequate balance, can proceed directly to the platforms at each station, without having to stand in line every time to purchase single-ride tokens. You also can see the balance and the cost for each journey when you exit the platform.

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