RFID Contactless Card used in actives
RFID Contactless Card used in actives

This project has already launched.

If you a sponsor of a mega-event, you must want to let more potential clients know you, and keep them to your long term clients. But like before, sold tickets, people take part in then go out, you may keep nothing, just earn some profit from tickets. Next time, you have to cost a lot in advertising to attract some other people.

It’s seems to see data collection for such event is a deserve but difficult thing.rfid-used-in-activities

You should think about how to connect them with your company? It’s a simple card. With an rfid contactless card as tickets, can encode attendance’s information for the first time they provide all details, also can print their photo on the surface to make sure the person who use their own card. With this card, people can get discount for the next event, also can get point to get some gifts, so that people would be more interest in such event, at the same time, your system stored all information of repeated came clients’ , you even know clearly how many times they came, with those data, the sponsor get a direction whom should following, with those collection, sponsor just gain more and more clients year by year.

With rfid contactless card and system also reduce the cost of human resources, everything turns to automatic, after recharge the ticket, just scan the reader in front of entrance, you can get into. No longer waiting for a long time to check by human.

With this RFID contactless card, sponsor can encryption in the chip set, to avoid others make fake tickets, tickets only match the reader system, can be permitted get in.

Why adopt RFID in huge activities?

1, RFID contactless card can store information, and add information with the writer and reader.

2, It’s durable, can use for a long time.

3,Transfer and share information on time, keep all information on sponsors’ side, help gain customer year by year.

4,Hard to copy, anti-fake.

If you are going to make a mega event, how do you think with this way?

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