RFID Cable Tag Used for Pets Management
RFID Cable Tag Used for Pets Management

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RFID Cable Tag Used for Pets Management

If you have pets, you must love them and want to give them the best life, treat them like your own kids. Also they need friends, hope have chance play with them and enjoy themselves without disturb.

However, you must worry about that, where should they play, if it’s security enough? Or how to make them not missing.

To consider those questions and solve problems, pets park built, provide a suitable and safety place for all pets, but how does the manager manage all pets’ consumption in the park? Rfid cable tag help the most.

RFID adopted in pets’ management for pets’ identification together with RFID system, improved the efficient.

Many pets’ parks provide different equipment for pets’ activities, pets can enjoy all the time without disturb, staying with other pets in the park, also can have a spa or body checking. All those cost can be added according to the RFID tag on the pets, no need pay for each time and activities. the service staff no need following each pet to calculate their consumption and how long time pets stay in the park. Stored data would not be lost. The owner can have a coffee or tea in the resting room or doing their work, after finish can pay the cost once take their pets away. Owners will never care about pets’ lost or come across dangerous.

In the pets park, pets can meet many companion and have a good time, park manager also can differentiate pets in different area according to the rifd cable tag.

RFID Cable Tag is the best choice for pets, which is waterproof,durable, and light. Put it on the pets’ neck or leg, not easy drop down.the rfid chip on the outside of the cable, not influenced by the environment. If you have pets would you like to send them to this kind of pets park?

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