Revolutionary Anti-Virus: Project Montreal
Revolutionary Anti-Virus: Project Montreal


Project Montreal is a revolution in anti-virus software that eliminates lengthy disk scans, requires no definition files, has no recurring subscription fees, and catches malware that hasn't even been written yet.  This software (to be named before release) gets 100% of the malware 100% of the time and cannot be broken or bypassed.

We are seeking $250,000 in funding to make this product a reality.

Stop the Madness!

We see the current method for detecting and removing malware as being utterly medieval.  Today’s anti-virus software takes far too long to run, is far too vulnerable to the very threats it exists to eliminate, and produces unsatisfactory results far more often than not. 

What’s needed is a lightweight, simple, fast and effective method for removing all of the intrusions onto your computer.

Our Vision

Project Montreal uses hardware emulation to insulate itself from malware attacks and root out every last piece of malware on your system.  Using the optional boot analysis mode, your computer temporarily boots off a flash drive (which our software sets up completely, requiring no interaction from you), then analyzes all the applications involved in starting up your system from the first instant you power on.  Analysis continues through the entire Windows startup process (a Linux version will follow the Windows version).  Our software looks at all of your system’s startup programs and “executes” them one machine-code instruction at a time in a virtual environment where the applications are not actually running.  Instead, our software is pretending to be your computer’s hardware, meticulously tracking every instruction in every app involved in the startup process.  This is the process of “hardware emulation.” 

To bypass the Project Montreal software is not possible, since the software we’re executing has no way of knowing it’s being run through an emulator and not on the hardware.  Attempting to disable our software would be the same as trying to kill somebody with a bullet fired from a gun displayed on a television screen. 

In addition to catching all malware, you’ll get a complete picture of how much information is actually being sent across the internet while Windows starts up.  You’ll see everything being sent and received, whether it’s been encrypted or not. You'll finally be able to see all the internet chatter about you and your activities - stuff you were never meant to know about.

Project Montreal is above the (Windows) law: it is completely free of the insane levels of permission and restriction that Windows has become utterly lost in.  This is what typically cripples other anti-virus software: it can’t get into all the places it needs to access, to fully disinfect your system.  Since our software is an emulator, it simply pretends no restrictions exist for itself anywhere in the system.  All of Windows – both system (“kernel”) and user levels – are freely accessible without restriction.

Project Montreal also runs in single-application mode.  In this mode, you can run your web browser or any other application through our software and see exactly what it’s up to.  If you’ve downloaded an application from the internet, you can run its setup file through our software and see what kind of shenanigans it might be engaging in before you ever actually install it.

How Complicated Is It?

A lot simpler than what you're doing now.

Below is our projection of everything involved in obtaining and using the completed product.  The list below contains projections; expected results – these points are not set in stone.

  • One-time $39.99 purchase price
  • Expected disinfection time is 2 to 5 minutes.  (This is the projected run time; this figure may change.) 
  • Installation can optionally be performed from a bootable DVD, which will run an initial disinfect on your system.  This prevents any malware that may already be present on a system from modifying our software before it ever has a chance to run.  This approach eliminates the chicken-and-egg problem.  If Project Montreal is even half as successful as we know it will be, malware will target it aggressively, trying to prevent or modify its installation on your system.  Booting off a flash or DVD drive makes interference with the installation of our software impossible.
  • Formatting a flash drive for boot analysis requires no user interaction – we won’t even erase your flash drive.  We’ll save the content of the drive on your hard disk, reformat the flash drive to handle the boot process, temporarily reconfigure your system to boot off the flash drive, execute the reboot, run the disinfection process, reboot again, and put your flash drive back to the way it was (if desired).  Your system will then be returned to its normal startup mode.  All of this occurs automatically, requiring no interaction with the end user.
  • Install new software through Project Montreal.  If you decide to uninstall it later, our software will remove every last trace of that application from your computer.  Currently, nearly all software in existence actually uninstalls very little of itself when the end user tries to remove it.  It leaves vulgar amounts of registry entries and software on your computer to continue running in the background, to report to BGK headquarters in Wocsom or ASN headquarters in Notgnilra that you viewed four web sites at 2:43 p.m. on February 30, 2016.  That kind of juvenile paranoia becomes a thing of the past.
  • We update our software as soon as each Windows update is issued.  Normally this will not be required but we’re doing it anyway to be on the safe side. 

Our Team

Since our team is already on standby, waiting only on funding of this project, we’re keeping their real names quiet because currently they may be working full-time jobs where it would not be in their best interest to have their possibly-impending departure known.

Fearless Leader – began programming computers at the age of 15.  That was in 1976.  He’s worked in military intelligence, and he’s been developing system-level applications and “device drivers” (software that “drives” hardware directly) on the PC platform since 1984, working exclusively under Windows since 1995.  He’s worked as a level III test engineer at Microsoft, and has done contract work for Litton Data systems (at the time they were the primary builders of most U.S. Navy computer systems).  He’s done contract development for companies from Italy to New Jersey and has a distinct gift for problem solving and doing what cannot be done.

[Additional Programmer] – to be determined

[Additional Programmer] – to be determined

Number One – heads up our in-house quality assurance and testing effort.  Number one has more than fifteen years’ experience in the testing field, having worked for or with everybody from Prudential to J. P. Morgan Chase to the U.S. Department of Defense.  He has led several testing and QA (quality assurance) teams and has trained more people than he has the capacity to remember.

Where Will the Money Go?

Office equipment, office rent, monthly utilities, legal expenses (trademarks, copyrights, etc.) and team salary. Fearless Leader will not take a regular salary.  He will eek out an existence on a shoestring budget, taking only what is required for basic survival.  


One does not simply sit down and write an effective hardware emulator for this task.  To do it correctly and with maximum effectiveness requires an exclusive return to “assembly language” – talking directly to the computer’s hardware – along with an intimate knowledge of Windows internals.  Deep understanding of the Pentium family CPU (including the Intel i7/i5/i3 and AMD counterparts) at its lowest level must be on par with the engineers who designed the chips.  Full understanding of the internal operation of PCI (connects add-on cards to the main CPU), UEFI (a boot-up specification that is trying to get its act together), SATA (connecting your hard drive to the rest of the computer), memory, and other peripherals is mandatory.  This project requires an elite team of specialized craftsmen with extraordinary passion and discipline.  Run-of-the-mill corporate clones are not going to cut it. 

With this product, we are looking to redefine the process of detecting and eliminating malware.  Any more, it is nearly impossible to install anything on your computer that does not track your activities.  The situation became a runaway circus of intrusion long ago.  

We will not be subscription based simply because we do not believe in doing business that way.  A one-time purchase price of $39.99, with free updates for one year, is good enough in our eyes. 

Risks and Challenges

It is our hope that this product can be completed in the space of 12 months.  This is our hope; we are in no way promising it will be completed in that time.  Creating hardware emulation software is not the ultimate challenge.  Making the emulator understand Windows is the area where delays could occur.  XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and, as of June, 2015, Windows 10 must all be supported effectively.  Drawing from all our combined experience, “if” something can be done is not open to question.  The product can and will be completed.  But because of the level our emulator is running at, it does not view its world the way a normal developer would.  It does not think in terms of “talking to the internet.”  Rather, it sees “this value is now being output to this port – is that the internet?  What if it’s a proxy server?  Or was it the hard drive?”  There are standard Windows API’s (programmer interfaces) and functions, made available to the public and publicly documented, that will give us all the information we need in order to understand when it’s the internet being talked to, or the hard drive, or any other hardware.  For this reason we are not expecting excessive delays.  But real life is real life; surprises may lurk around every corner and they are always a possibility.  It is always dangerous ground when giving time frames for completion of software, however since we are working primarily with Windows and not within it, the chance for those delays is minimized.  Minimized, but never completely eliminated.  That is the nature of software.  Common practice in the industry is to dumb down software or to ship it with known bugs in order to make a deadline.  In our case, the demand and the nature of our product is such that we cannot get away with cutting those kinds of corners.  So out of the starting gate, we are operating on a much more demanding standard than is normal for the final product.


Each level of funding listed below automatically includes all the perks listed above it.

  • Funding under $25 will receive access to the $39.99 download version of the software when it's released
  • Funding from $25 through $49.99 will receive the boxed version - the same product you'd expect to find on a store's shelves
  • Funding from $50 through $99.99 provides early access to test versions
  • Funding from $100 through $499 provides personal interaction with our development team, allowing Q&A, feedback, and input into the design and development process
  • Funding of $500 and over gets you listed in the development team credits (if desired) both within the application and on our Invector web site


We are looking to completely redefine the process of malware and tracking elimination. All current methods we know of are bogged down in an endless cat-and-mouse game where anti-virus software and malware forever try to outwit and cripple each other.  It is like a war nobody can win, and the end user pays dearly by being bogged down in endlessly increasing "security" restrictions that become so burdensom, they render his or her own computer nearly unusable.   We aim to break out of that nightmare and provide a streamlined, effective solution to the problem of eliminating malware and unwanted tracking.

We appreciate your time in reviewing our page, and we hope you'll join us in our effort to make desktop computers safe and usable again.

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